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Personal aide for student with seizures??


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I have a parent who is asking for a personal aide for her 17 year old daughter while on the school bus. The student has Partial complex seizures. She does not have any medication to give to her when she has an episode. Does anyone have experience with a student that required an aide for seizures? What were the circumstances? I do not see the need at this point. Thanks!


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Everyone must be on Turkey already! I would think that would come under Special Aide Services and maybe an ARDS meeting involving the parent with current doctor recommendations, diagnostician, counselor, nurse, principal, etc. They could discuss the options and resources available from the school to see if a personal aide was needed and if the budget allowed it. Maybe the bus driver could be trained for seizures. I would tell the parent that I would give her request to persons who iniatiates special need requests. At my school, there is no personal aide for one but for for 4 kids alone within the building. I would think the bus driver would need to be trained if possible. If the student seemed more severe than that I quess the parent could take the student to school herself.


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I have been a one on one aide for a child with seizures and if they travel on the bus then a nurse had to be on that bus also. My child had diastat ordered so that is the reason, it did fall under special education but also under nursing.

This is very dependent on the child, the severity of the seizures, the distance to school, the state's delegation laws, etc etc. The district determines what the Section 504 must provide for accomodations.