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JackandJill123, I would love to find out more about your residency experience if possible. I just applied for an OR residency and I am awaiting an answer. My concern is I am doing grad school outside of this and I am wondering if the combination will be too much. My main question for you is, did you ever feel as a new RN they expected you to know something already that you didnt throughout this experience? I dont know if this is a common fear for every nurse. I have had limited nursing experience in long-term care as an LPN so this is a whole new adventure regardless where I land.

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Yes, there are quite a few OR RN residency programs in Atlanta, I also live there. I was just accepted into a program! I did one year of med-surg first, just for the experience. Check out Grady, Northside, Gwinnett, Piedmont, WellStar and Emory, they all have an OR Residency program just gotta do some research.


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I got accepted into the VALOR VA learning opportunities residency which is available in certain areas and colleges, worth a Google since it's a paid internship during nursing school. We get to choose our department and I randomly chose the OR without really knowing what goes on in there besides "surgery". It leads to a job when you graduate assuming your manager likes you which mine did. I've been an RN for a year now and in that time it's been nothing but circulating and scrubbing. I don't want to do anything besides the OR, and I can't even imagine being a floor nurse. Not everyone will agree and some will say things like you can't learn nursing unless you've been on the floor but screw that. I've got it so easy with a 1:1 patient load, actually it's usually the surgeons, anesthesiologists, scrub and me so that's like 6:1 in our favor. I get to sit down, laugh and talk to the surgery staff, and not kill myself, hate my job or cry at the end of the shift. If you can't find a new grad program for the OR definitely try to get in ASAP, you'll never leave. Sure I've done zero IV's and you know what, I'm perfectly ok with that because I've wiped zero butts and my schedule is 7am to 330pm Monday to Friday every week.


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Hi Kelly - I did the 'Nursing Residency - Perioperative Track' at Dartmouth-Hitchcock right out of school. It's a 9-month program and I will say, one of the best things I ever did! It's definitely intense, but you get thrown into a lot of 'fires' in a variety of high-acuity specialties with a safety net (usually a preceptor or experienced RN in that specialty). I scrubbed a lot of high-stakes cases and got to be 'on the team', but in a learning environment. I credit the program with enabling me to excel when I started my f/t job in the OR.

I can't imagine what it would have been like if I didn't have the residency program to start with. I've been offered to become a dedicated scrub nurse on our high-risk cardiac team and attribute that opportunity with knowing how to be an effective team member during the residency program. Best wishes!

Hey I would love to learn more about this. I'm on the DHMC website now and can't find anything in Careers on the periop101 residency except for the mention of it in the neurology OR position. Is there a link or anywhere online I can read more about this particular residency? Thank you so much

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