Period 8 days late...neg HPT!!

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With my first pregnancy I had three negative tests didn't have one come up positive until I was 10 weeks along but i just "knew" I was pregnant, you should definately go to your doctor and get a quant hcg to make sure, if you are not already start taking prenatal vitamins even if you are not pregnant this time it will benefit you and baby when you are. Try to treat yourself as if you are already pregnant while you are trying to concieve. Good luck, hope you are blessed with a little one soon, keep us informed and make sure you get into see a doctor soon. :)


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Yes, I have already made a drs appt. I have also been taking prenatal vitamins since October. I do not drink or smoke...I take pretty good care of myself. I will keep you all posted on what the doc says. AND a big thanks to everyone so far for sharing their stories.


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as someone on the thread said the BHCG has not been elevated enough for urine, but the most accurate test is the blood level of BHCG. so if it's possible have it done.

hope you are, i'm crossing my finger !


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Thank you again for the info!!! :)

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Well?????? Everything turn out ok?


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Well?????? Everything turn out ok?

I am not preggers, but ended up being 23 days late. Apparently my body is out of whack due to being on birth control for soooo long!! Thats okay though, we are ready for whenever it finally does happen. Thanks for asking! -Tweetiepie


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I am not sure if you suffer from this, but before I got pregnant with my first son, I had complications with leuteal ovarian cysts that would make my cycle go anywhere from 40 to 50 days late!! I went to the doctor and he wanted to put me on birthcontrol, but I'm kind of a natural girl myself. Lucky I listened to my own gut! The next month I was late again as usual only this time I began craving Starbuck's Fudge Brownie Frappucinos when I knew that something was out of whack :). Some cyst that turned out to be my little Ryan!!

Good luck with everything!


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