Performance Based Interview questions


I hate PBI. I think they are long, and tedious. Anyone else out there have experience with them?

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I have had many interviews utilizing PBI techniques on both sides of the table (interviewee/interviewer). I actually like interviewing, it really strengthens your communication skills. That being said, I have found that quite a few people really don't understand how to use performance-based interview questions. Many hospitals and other organizations have standardized forms that the interviewer uses to pick questions along with a list of keywords they should be looking for in responses that the hospital has determined is "ideal" for their candidate. I try to limit the amount of PBI type questions I use in my interviews with potential applicants because I don't find them very helpful in determining if they will be a good fit for the unit.

I would suggest that you do some reading up on PBI and read over some of the material available as there are many examples that include the keywords that people are looking for in answers to the questions.