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I recently found a travel nursing company stating they will pay $5300 per week. Their name is Travel Nurse International. This sounds way to good to be true. Has anyone ever heard of this company, if so is this a joke and what kind of catch is there?

BTW the nursing website is : www.travelnursedatabank.com


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The catch probably is that you are going into a hostile environment. You may have to cross picket lines (big no-no). Traveling nurses are a big strike buster. You may also have to deal with terrible doctors, and in places that are dangerously understaffed. If you take this job, research where you will be going before you go. You may wonder if it is all worth it.


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Travel Nurse International is also Travel Nurse Data Bank. That is for strike nursing.

They pay around $35/h, depending on the specialty. The money they state is for more than 40 hours and week (sometimes 5 to 7 twelve hour shifts) and a committment for a specified period of time, usually at least 2 weeks, a bonus of such.


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I work in British Columbia Canada.

A few weeks ago there were ads all over the hospital to do travel nursing in the states for 3500.00 a week. On of my colleagues phoned the number, (can't remember the number at the moment!),,and they responded that it was to staff strikes..and they would bus you to the job and offered " protection"......We couldn"t believe it!!!

Could very well be the same!



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Yup- those huge salaries are always for strike staffing. They put you up in hotels and generally bus you in to the hospitals. (Disclaimer- I don't do strike staffing!) At a recent strike in my neck of the woods, the names of these nurses were posted on a web site. Scary! Someone I used to work with responded to one of these ads- with 6 years of ICU experience (med/surg/trauma/CVICU) she was offered half of that figure. Don't know what you have to do to get the huge money.

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Thank you for all the info. The money sure does sound good but I think I value my life a little more than the money. =o)

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