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Long story short, my husband and I separated. It may be temporary, it may be permanent. I won't go into details because this isn't the place for it, but my issue is, now that he's gone I have no one to watch my kids while I work my overnight shift. And since I'm missing his income also, I can't afford a full time sitter at the moment. I've had to rely on friends and family whenever they're available but it's not reliable at all. I've missed 3 out of my 7 scheduled days this pay period alone because of babysitting issues. I've tried to rearrange my schedule so that I'm working consecutive days on the weekend because more people I know are free on weekends but it's so hard to switch shifts with people. My manager only cares about staffing. She isn't really flexible. My coworker suggested I go per diem so that I can pick the schedule I want, I won't have to work as many days, plus I'll have a little more money to pay a sitter. The only problem is, I won't have insurance. It wouldn't be a big deal if I didn't have kids but I can't afford to not have insurance. My husband didn't have insurance through his job which means we'd all be uninsured. Obamacare for a family of 3 is $800 a month. I have no idea what to do. Any suggestions? If I don't resolve this soon I'll probably get fired.

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I am so sorry....((BIG HUGS)) That stinks. My first BIG suggestion is get a lawyer. NOW! Why is your estranged significant other not responsible for his children? If you drop you insurance because of child care check with the lawyer on making you significant other responsible for carrying the insurance for your children. He is responsible for them....he left.

What hours are you looking for? Check with your local high school for high school kids looking for work...many advisors have a list of kids looking for work.

See if you can transfer within your facility to a floor looking for weekend help. Talk with HR

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Like Esme12, my first thought was to get your husband to assist in expenses with you. I really can't add to much else to say except to say that I find it most lopsided for your husband now to have NO responsibility for the kids while he keeps his full earnings to himself.

Good luck.


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Totally agree with amoLucia and Esme. Get to family court, because he DOES NOT get to just walk away from responsibility for his kids! Also, in my state, were you to apply for any kind of assistance, you would have to go after child support first.

I'm so sorry that you are going through this. Assuming the kids will be safe with him, could he at least watch them while you're working

Thanks for the hugs ladies. Right now he's in a different state so that's not an option unfortunately.


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Horse puckey. You can still get an order of support and they can garnish his wages directly through his employer. Get your children the support they have a right to! You don't have the right to not do this, it belongs to your kids.

Also your kids might qualify for medical insurance under your state's Medicaid program. Maybe check into that.

In order to protect your own interests, if the separation has not been legally filed, you should do that. You might have to in order to start support proceedings anyway.

There are low cost legal aid offices in pretty much every city. Contact one. Today.

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