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Hi everyoneI'll be taking my nclex for the second time around and really hoping that this will be my last. I would like to hear any input from you as you study and do questions everday before your big day. Ow was your score ranging for the second time studying hard for your big day. Right now from 20-100 questions i am ranging 50-80%.. For nclex question trainers 1-6, i am in 62-70.. I am using Kaplan for the second time around and hurst videos. I am really paying attention with my rationales as before I didn't really pay attention and understand them whether I got it right or wrong. Content wise I feel ok after watching hurst videos. I feel like everything that was discussed on the content from hurst I knew them. I think that is be ause I recently graduated too from may 2012. Anyway, I just want to lessen my worries reading other people input. Any inputs are very much appreciated. Also, should I focus on doing questions and review notes on my last 5days? I don't want to reached my nclex sched because I am so want to take this test and pass for the second time.

If you are okay with your content then i would suggest doing more questions.As NCLEX are not worded in the same way as we read from the content.Your Kaplan score looks good and one more thing do not doubt on your abilities.You got this and all the best to you with your preparation.

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