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Hi guys, I hope u can help me. Im starting my study next year to become a RN. I have to do all sorts of different courses as i was not elegible

to gain accsess into university. Alot of people are telling me not to bother as nursing is a really bad profession. Why would I want to be a nurse and so forth

Im 26 years old and im just wondering did anybody start their studies later in life and were u scared like i am:o

My husband is ver supportive :kiss but after being out of study for so long u begin to have self doubt. I just dont want to fail:crying2:

road runner2003

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G'day Lacie,

I know there are a lot people these days going back to school/University to obtain a degree in something and pursure their desired career. I have been told me many times it is usually the older students who are the ones to make it!

Don't have self doubt - if you really want to become a nurse, you'll make it. Especially if your husband is being supportive of you - and that is one of the most if important things - family support. Hang in there!


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Thanks for your kind words R.R.

I know that I will be o.k. Just little thoughts surface now and then. I think I just need to beleave in myself.

Just wondering about u. How long have you been in the health profession and any advice u can offer would be appreciated.

cheers Lacie:p

road runner2003

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Hi there Lacie - pleased to give any kind words or advice where I can. It must be a daunting time returning to education- but the good thing about it, in the end you can be proud of the achievements made. :)

I am still a student myself. Switched back and fourth in courses repeatedly. Took a yr off my studies in 2001, applied to do teaching in 2002. Mid semester 2 I pulled out, deciding it was not my cup of tea- so I applied to do B.of nursing for this yr. 1 month into the course I deferred to do B.of nursing science- and the waiting starts again. ;)

Stick around - lots of advice and/or support here! Best of luck to you. :)

RN_Amy, RN

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Hey Roadrunner... just wondering... why did you decide to defer to do a Bachelor of Nursing Science....?


road runner2003

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Originally posted by RN_Amy

Hey Roadrunner... just wondering... why did you decide to defer to do a Bachelor of Nursing Science....?


G'day Amy,

For me the decision was based on the broader aspects involved in nursing science compared to B.o. nursing.

Going into more depth- I went over a lot of the course description -subjects/structure before I made my decision. The increased clinical learning opportunities, the chance to enhance preparation in the science and art of nursing, d/t increased clinical learning time and enhanced research preparation I was told it would enable a graduate to assume practice roles in a broader range of settings - course that will depend larger on how well I perform during the 4yrs ;). The B.o. nursing science also includes research and evidence based practice. These are the main reason why I deferred to do B.o nursing science. Despite the nerves I am looking forward to it.

I had a long talk with the co-ordinator who told me about other options available at the university - double degrees, made sure I knew what it would involve. In the end I settled on B.o. nursing science. Now it is just a matter of waiting until Dec 20th (first round offers)- co-ordinator was confident I would be accepted. :)


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Hi Lacie

I am currently a nursing student about to enter my 4th and final year (double degree). I too have had people tell me - "Oh - nursing?!!! What are you doing NURSING for? So you want to spend the rest of your life wiping bottoms? I hope you realise that you will be working hard and getting paid peanuts! blah blah blah blah BLAH!!!!" And on the other hand I have had people -strangers who i talk to at work- hug me because I am doing nursing and introduce me to their friends as "This is Rachel and she is going to be a nurse" and they were so proud of me like I am part of their family. So Lacie BUGGER what other people think. Don't let other people put you off your dreams. This is YOUR life and YOU WILL DO what makes you happy! I have frequently found that people who try to quash your dreams are just worried that you are bettering yourself and they are jealous. You can and WILL do anything if you truely believe you want to. As you said you have a supportive husband who is supportive of your goals. You are very lucky to have him and he sounds like he believes in you and your ability to fulfill your goals and dreams. Go for it. After I finished Yr 12 I packed all my belongings up and floated around Europe for a while backpacking. I understand your nervousness at being out of study mode for a while, as I had the same, but believe me it comes back to you. And if it doesn't then universities have pleanty of study skill resources and professional help available to give hints and tips on planning revision, exam skills, assignment writing classes, and lecturers are ALWAYS willing to go over lecture content by simply arranging a time to meet. I have many uni friends who have had a significant break from study, like yourself, and returned to it. Actually I find them to be much better students as they are usually highly motivated. As long as you truely TRY Lacie you will NOT fail.

Good luck and please follow your dream of becoming an RN - you will be an asset to the occupation.

All the best Lacie and NEVER GIVE UP

Rachel :)


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Hi Rachel,

Just wanted to say thank u for such kind words:D

You have really made my day. I feel great now and I know I will be fine. Its great to know that others care and I am so glad I found this site.:roll

I hope u do well in your last year and I wish u all the best. I will keep you posted on how I am going and I hope u do the same.

Your right I have often thought that the people who make negative coments are only jealous:devil: and I need to just let them go and stick to my plan.

Anyway who cares as long as where happy right.:D

Thanks Lace xoxo


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Hi Lacie

Oh, thank you :imbar that was very nice of you - You are absolutley right - you REALLY are going to be more than fine, you are going to be one of the best RN's in Sydney!

Thank you for your well wishes, I really appreciate them. Yes - this is an excellent website. Many people here are very knowledgable and very willing to help and support each other.

I have a cousin who is a single mother of 2 boys and a qualified hairdresser and it had always been her dream to be a primary school teacher. I told her that she can do and be absoutely anything in this life that she wants to be. Now she has finished her second year and so happy that she took the plunge, ignored all the people who doubted her and she tells me that for the first time in years she actually feels proud of herself and knows she can do it. I will not tell you that it has been a a cakewalk studying - because there are times when you would prefer to be doing ANYTHING other than write a boring assignmnet, but when you have done it you never have to do it again - little goals keep me going - and they will you too. It's all about Balance and believening in yourself - I have no doubt that you can and will do VERY VERY well. You deserve it. :)

Go get em tiger!! :)

All the best = all you have to do is try - no one can stop you!

Rachel :wavey"



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Hi Lacie,

I am new to this discussion forum and have just started to browse, but your comment stuck out and I would like to reply to you!!

I completed my training just out of school, but was just as scared and found it very hard to find support in clinical settings, which is actually a bit of a sad comment about our profession! Don't get me wrong, there are loads of very helpful and supportive nurses you will find but they aren't always there.

What you might find helpful is to remember you will never be expected to know everything. You will be expected to ask a lot of questions in every new area you work in, and people will be usually happy to answer them!

If you find you are unable to get answers from people, always stand your ground. You will quickly get a reputation for being safe and practicing within your scope which is a very admirable quality to have.

The first two weeks you work will be the scariest and hardest, but then it will all click and you'll be fine.

The only other thing I would reccomend is to try and get a job as an AIN or PCA, it will give you great confidence in dealing with people and getting used to clinical settings.

Best of luck with everything. I'm sure you'll make a great nurse as you have taken the time to question it, yet still stay comitted even underable less than desirable circumstances.

Bev :)

nyapa, RN

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Originally posted by lacie

after being out of study for so long u begin to have self doubt. I just dont want to fail:crying2:

Lacie. OK, I never finished my own RN course, for reasons I listed elsewhere. But being a mature aged entrant was not one of the reasons I left. If you have a little bit of a fear of failure, that can actually help you succeed, because you'll probably push yourself more. Thats what happened with me. And I ended up with distinctions all the way. If you want it, you can do it, and you deserve it. So go, girl :) And btw, cherish your partners support...its very special and he will pick you up when you need it :)


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