Young CNA trying to make it in philly

  1. I know everyone is probably looking like why am posting in this section ? well because i thought maybe i could get some advice from you guys since im trying become a RN as well.

    I just moved to philadelphia and i noticed that its very hard to get a job as a CNA ; im a new CNA with no kind of experience. My goal is to work in the hospital but I know that wont happen , so i was wondering did anyone know anywhere that hires new cna's ? i just wanna get my first cna job so i can finish going to school for nursing.

    please if there's any advice you could give to this 19 year old male , i would GREATLY appreciate it !
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  3. by   divaINscrubs
    i don't knbow if your intersted, but maybe you should try home care first.. some Nursing homes may take you, just try and apply to see what happens. On my side of PA, they are always looking for CNAs.. There is laos a nursing home in Coopersburg, PA and they hire CNAs that are new. I dont know how far that is from you but i used to work there and people from Philly would travel there to work too.
  4. by   chuckster
    The job market for in Philly for both experienced CNA's and nurses is fair to good. The job market for inexperienced nurses and CNA's is poor to terrible. Nearly all postings now state something like "one to two experience required". As the previous poster has suggested, your best bet is probably an LTC rather than a hospital.

    Good luck with your job search.
  5. by   Philly_LPN_Girl
    Try home health care first they're easier to get. Get your 1 year experience and then try out for a hospital and it is easier if you know someone as well. Also go on I see soo many jobs for CNA's and HHA's Good Luck hun.
  6. by   hiddencatRN
    St. Christopher's Hospital for Children might. I know you posted back in February but they have a couple of postings for CNAs on the med surg units right now.