Villanova BSN Express May 2017

  1. Hello!

    I am planning on applying to Villanova's BSN Express program that begins in May 2017.

    Is there anyone else out there who is also applying to this program or who has applied and/or attended this program in the past? I would love to get some insite about the program from any current/former students.

    I would also like to hear from anyone who has worked with Villanova students. Do they seem to be well-prepared for the demands of the nursing profession?

    Thanks!! 😊
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  3. by   armymusic2013

    I applied in May, had my interview in June, and now my status has just changed to Decision Made - Notification Sent!
  4. by   shareberry
    Congrats on deciding on Villanova!

    I just graduated this May. I was part of the alternate sequence group and I believe my second year we had our classes with the bsn express group. I didn't pass a course by 1 point so it took me another year to graduate. Let me know if you have any questions!
  5. by   armymusic2013
    Thanks, and congrats on graduating!!! If you don't mind me asking, which class did you have to retake? How did you enjoy the program there overall? Do you have any particular study tips that helped you through the program? And do you have any recommendations on places to live? Thanks!!! Also, feel free to PM me with any other info/tips!!
  6. by   shareberry
    I had to retake peds and 12 other of my classmates had to retake peds or advanced med surg.
    I thought the program could use some work. I wrote this for another poster a while back and the tone is harsh. Can you tell I was a little bitter? Otherwise it wasn't too bad. I feel like you'll hear the same with other nursing programs.

    I feel sort of indifferent by it. I believe the professors are caring but if you're a person of color, you will have some moments where you just sort of roll your eyes at what either professors say or some of the students say. Most of your classmates will be over the age of 24+ as opposed with the traditional group. A lot of the academic professors are older which can be a little frustrating because there can be a disconnect with theory and clinical. I don't like the fact that Villanova uses ATI instead of Kaplan like Jefferson does. However, Villanova requires only a 73 to pass their courses which is very generous compared to surrounding schools. Villanova's first time nclex pass rate for last year's cohort was at 85% which isn't too bad.

    I think the class of 2015 and 2016 were the first guinea pigs of a new curriculum and it sucks. Villanova grades you for clinicals and depending on the instructor can make or break your grade. Originally the Dean wanted the CEIs to prevent grade inflation but there's a huge difference if your clinical instructor grades you strictly or in a more relaxed manner.
    They use a Clinical Evaluation Instrument where
    1 = Failing Level: Does not meet course objectives
    2 = Basic Level: Meets course objectives
    3 =Advance Level: Often exceeds course objectives
    4= Superior Level: Consistently exceeds course objectives
    Let's say you meet all course objectives since this is your first clinical ever so you're not gonna know everything right? That's considered a C. Granted, I haven't gotten a C but it's definitely not unheard of. So I could be breaking my back for my clinical instructor and get an B+/A- while another classmate who has a laissez faire instructor gets an A.

    For your last semester, you would think your leadership/senior practicum would be the most important right?? WRONG, You only get 60 hours of leadership clinical, 60 hours of health promotion, and 60 hours of HOME HEALTH. Don't get me wrong, I think home health is very important but I don't understand why it isn't part of health promotion? Also we started our leadership (clinical) rotation when health promotion (lecture) started. So when that ended and we started our health promotion clinical and had a final project it was sort of a hectic moment. I personally felt it was poorly organized.

    Study tips wise, I would study the content and look at test taking strategies for the NCLEX. Do all the questions your textbook provides you for that chapter. And read the questions carefully. I got by fine using the powerpoints and supplementing what I didn't pick up from the lecture with the text book. I felt that I was mostly teaching myself and felt that most lectures were a waste of time. Except for pathophysiology. I wish Dr. Capriotti taught all my classes.

    I was fortunate to live with my parents during my time at Villanova so I can't really help you there. I would find house to share in either garret hill or bryn mawr or even ardmore. I did have two friends who would commute from the city via train or the NHSL.
  7. by   armymusic2013
    Hmmm interesting perspective. Most of the comments I've seen before about Villanova are very positive. I will have to keep that in mind when making my final decision. Thank you for the insight!
  8. by   bli5
    Hey armymusic - I'm in the BSNexpress program. It sounds like the poster above completed the alternate sequence program, which while they do integrate with the express program for certain classes/clinicals, it's still a different program.

    The BSNexpress program is NOT easy, but it's not impossible. Unfortunately we have had people choose to leave the program because of the rigorous schedule, or they weren't able to move on because they didn't pass a class. That's any nursing program. Villanova has a huge, top of the line sim-lab and the professors are very well accomplished in their fields, many hold phds and some even write for the nclex.

    The clinical placements are at top hospitals (HUP, CHOP, Presby, Jeff) and they even let you specify if you have a preferred shift or carpool partner that you'd like to be placed with. We also have an advisor solely dedicated to helping with test taking strategies and anything else related to succeeding in nursing school, whether it be your time management, how to better organize a paper, etc. She holds nclex question review sessions and correlates them to the material we're learning in class/being tested on at the moment. That's a really invaluable resource. We also have opportunities to volunteer in an NP run clinic where you're able to shadow NPs on the job, many of who are clinical instructors with Villanova.

    Yes, the clinicals are graded. Yes, you could end up with an absolute stickler and break your back for an A where as someone else in a different group could coast by with a less demanding instructor. What shareberry said is right.. but you're never going to forget the material you learned to earn that A with the hard teacher. And it's your choice whether or not you choose to coast with the less demanding teacher. Nursing school is going to be what you make of it... There are going to be annoyances, frustrations, and challenges anywhere that you go. What I've found with Villanova is that the resources and connections that can be made there is what sets them apart. Congratulations on your acceptance. I would really encourage anyone who gets into this program to go.
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  9. by   armymusic2013
    Thank you very much for your perspective, bli5!! Villanova is definitely one of my top choices. One of my main concerns though is if I will be able to afford a place to live on a limited salary. How do you or anyone else in the program manage to make that work, or do you have any suggestions on affordable places to live?
  10. by   Nursing1JT
    Hello, I recently applied to Villanova University. My interview went well, any tips to succeed if I get accepted?
  11. by   jazzlove
    I also applied for the May 2017 BSNExpress. All my information as been submitted and reflected received on my account for a while now but I haven't been invited for an interview or heard anything back yet. Has anyone been accepted or invited for an interview?
  12. by   Nursing1JT
    When did you apply? How are your grades? I had my interview.
  13. by   armymusic2013
    I applied back in May, had an interview in June, and received an acceptance letter in July. 3.6 cumulative GPA and 4.0 prereq GPA. I know the deadline to apply is in October, so it's possible you may not hear anything until after that deadline.
  14. by   jazzlove
    My grades were okay i have a bs in biology with a 3.08 gpa. I dont think I'm going to get in but i still want to try