UPMC Mercy School of Nursing -Class of '15

  1. Hi AllNurses community! I have been searching for a thread for the UPMC Mercy Hospital Class of 2015, but alas; no such luck. Therefore, I created one!

    I was accepted to start in August 2013 and was looking for others who were, or are looking to be accepted. I know it's early still, but I am ready to start school and secure a study group.

    Now to my question: I know Mercy has a tuition contract. Does anyone know anything about it? Is it a good deal? I know they are sending information about it, but I am interested in hearing opinions.

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  3. by   bieralynn
    I have heard of the tuition forgiveness that they offer. I am really interested in that. I just applied to St. Margaret's so I know everything is similar. How long did it take for you to get your acceptance letter?
  4. by   kitty_deville13
    First off, congrats on getting accepted! I'm in my first year at Mercy now. It's such a great school and you have made an awesome choice! Tuition reimbursement is a great option. Everything should be in your packet explaining it more. I believe most of my class is enrolled in it too. If you need any help or have any questions, feel free to let me know!
  5. by   NursingRocks24
    Congratulations on being accepted! I am currently submitting my application for the PSB exam and I pray I will be accepted into Mercy's program for Fall 2013. Originally I was interested in going to CCAC, and I would never say anything bad about them or their nursing program, because I know they are good, but I always wanted to attend Mercy's program, and I believe it is the best thing for me. May I ask how quickly the application process was for you - from the PSB exam to finding out you were accepted? I will be sure to keep coming back to this thread. Congrats again and hopefully I will see you in August!
  6. by   mc86mcd
    NursingRocks24, I want to start by saying good luck on the PSB exam! I feel like there is a lot of hype around the exam. I wouldn't say it's all easy, but it is definitely passable.

    I took the PSB on June 22nd. I got my passing scores on July 2nd. I already had my application packet ready to go and sent it in the week after I got my scores. I received my acceptance letter on September 28th. So for me, it was about a 3 month process. Since I was early, I think the process was longer. I feel like your process from scores to application to acceptance will be much quicker.

    Again, good luck!
  7. by   mc86mcd
    Hi bieralynn, I applied early. The whole application process took me about 3 months. I was early applying, so I think Mercy had more time to process. I feel like since it is later in the year, the application process will become quicker for those applying. Good luck!
  8. by   NursingRocks24
    You were very smart to have applied so early! I am just changing my mind now, so hearing what you told me is very very helpful. Thank you for responding!
  9. by   bieralynn
    I was accepted into St. Margaret's
  10. by   mc86mcd
    Congrats bieralynn!
  11. by   vebb
    I take the psb on Saturday for St Margaret.. prayers please!
  12. by   bieralynn
    Good luck! I had difficulty with the math. Once you pass the test you will be excited to finally get the application process going.
  13. by   naturalgirl
    I just took the PSB on Saturday....WHOA! That was intense! Of course, I graduated high school in 1998! But still! Lol. Anyways, I hope to apply to Shadyside or Mercy. For any of you that attend Mercy, what are your pros and cons for the program? And what made you choose Mercy over the others? Thanks for the input!
  14. by   vebb
    Yeah it was pretty crazy Saturday.. I'm just worried about the science and reading. Reading is usually my best area but that was the only section I couldn't complete in time. I'm worried that maybe I shouldn't have answered them all in the other sections by guessing and maybe left some more blank that I wasn't sure of.. we'll see in a few weeks!