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Hi. I have been accepted into the TJU FACT program that begins in May but the orientation isn't until a week before classes begin and I would like to get a better idea of the scheduling. I know... Read More

  1. by   Jtb230
    I just d/led the nursing central software to my PDA, and I must say that it is pretty nice and handy. Other than during rotations, I think it will also come in handy for studying on the go, especially for pharm. I don't what to tell you about what "required" actually means, but I think you might have some difficulty getting around it...but double-check with current students first if you want.
  2. by   AtomicWoman
    Jtb230, which PDA are you using? I have an iPaq, but I haven't downloaded the software yet, because my husband has to install a program on my laptop first. I forget which; that's his department. LOL
  3. by   AtomicWoman
    Anyone figure out what to do with the patches on our uniforms? Do they go on the right sleeve, at the shoulder? And did you sew them on or iron them on? I'm afraid if I just iron them on, they'll fall off after being washed so many times.
  4. by   Accelerated25
    I just sewed them, but someone told me that it was possible to iron them. So, I am going to try to iron them as well.
  5. by   Accelerated25
    Sorry, I forgot, they are going on the right side.:wink2:
  6. by   Pianitra
    I hear you! I was stressing about the 6-8 week wait for fingerprinting, too, 'cause I just got mine done last wednesday. I shouldn't have been because the report came in the mail today. Thanks for the heads up about that.I can't believe that classes start tomorrow! See you there.
  7. by   AtomicWoman
    Regarding tuition, since we are registering tomorrow for classes (or is it during the NS orientation on Wednesday?), I'm betting tuition will be due asap for those who aren't paying via loans and/or grants. BTW, heads up. Although loans won't be disbursed until July 1, if you have money coming back to you because you are borrowing more than the cost of tuition, the Financial Aid office told me we can get an advance against our money coming back, up to $1500. They told me to stop by their area during orientation to make the arrangements. That should at least pay for the books and supplies. But of course, you have to have at least $1500 coming back to you, after tuition/fees are paid.

    See you tomorrow!
  8. by   AtomicWoman
    If you haven't checked your Jeff email today, there's a message from the Med. Calculations professor, with suggestions for stuff we should look over.
  9. by   Jtb230
    AtmoicWoman: The PDA that I am using is a Palm Treo 680. It is a relatively old (in tech years) hand-me-down but it seems to work fine. The specs for the PDA to install the software was sent via email a long time ago, and was included in the orientation packet I believe too. To install the software you must purchase the "rights" from the bookstore, and then you d/l and install the software on your computer via the Unbound Nursing website. You then d/l the software onto your PDA. The website walks you through the process.

    Everyone, regarding JeffMail: I am not sure about others, but I have plenty of email addresses to keep track of as it is. So it may be helpful for you to forward their JeffMail account to your other email address. Log into JeffMail, go to 'Options' go to 'Forwarding' and enter your email address for forwarding. Depending on your email server (e.g., Gmail), you may also be able to add your JeffMail email address for sending emails too. For Gmail go to 'Settings' go to 'Accounts' go to 'Send mail as' and add your JeffMail address.

    Hope this tech info helps!
  10. by   AtomicWoman
    Yeah, I did buy the license for the software, but was confused as to whether we d/l it to our PC first, or directly to the PDA. Thanks for the clarification. The Unbound website isn't terribly clear on this issue.
  11. by   Jtb230
    Yea, the website was not very clear. But after you d/l and install the software on your comp, then it should automatically prompt you when to synch your PDA. BTW, I was in group A today and had a grey buttoned down shirt, in case folks are trying to match e-people with real-world people. Oh, and I am male, so that kinda narrows it down a bit.
  12. by   AtomicWoman
    Anyone else feeling like an avalanche just fell on them this week? <groan>
  13. by   opensails
    Yes!!!!!!!!! I definitely underestimated this. Quitting has crossed my mind already. I feel like I'll need one of these long Memorial day weekends every week. . I'm also one of the people scheduled for clinical saturday and sunday.

    Get ready for a looooooong summer.