So I'm a director of a summer camp AND a RN can I hire a Graduate/Student Nurse?

  1. So here's the skinny. I'm a ICU by profession and my wife and I recently starting running a non-profit, overnight, summer camp. Does anyone know the law (or really where to find the laws) pertaining to hiring a student nurse or graduate nurse to help with the day-to-day running of our little infirmary? I've done the nursing myself before, but now that we're running the show (so to speak) I would like some help (ie have someone there other than me to do the routine bug bites, scraps, doctor appointments). They would be under my guidance, and have me to bounce ideas and questions off of, etc.

    In short, where do I find the laws pertaining to the hiring of student/graduate nurses for healthcare positions? The PA DOH doesn't seem to be the right place.

    Any ideas or concrete knowledge would be really helpful.

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  3. by   chuckster
    First, let me recommend in the strongest possible terms that you contact an attorney for advice on what is an important legal issue. You need to fully understand the liability issues before determining your course of action, and only a lawyer can provide you with the advise you seek.

    That said, you can find the PA nurse practice regulations through a link on the PA Bd of Nursing website. Here is link to the page -you will need to click on the hot link near the middle of the page that says "RN Law": State Board of Nursing . This will bring up an Adobe file with the PA law - here are just some of the relevant sections:
    In order for a person to practice professional nursing during the one (1) year period from completion of his or her education program . . . the board may issue a temporary practice permit . . . The practice of professional nursing . . . within the definition of this act [is permitted] . . . pursuant to a temporary practice permit, by a graduate of an approved program of professional nursing in Pennsylvania or any other state, working under qualified supervision, during the period not to exceed one (1) year between the completion of his or her program and notification of the results of a licensing examination taken by such person
    As the sections of PA law referenced above indicate, a graduate nurse - and certainly a student nurse - is essentially practicing under the license of the RN guiding her/him.

    Again, I cannot urge you strongly enough to get legal advice on this.
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    And if you do get it all situated... let us know! I'm graduating in a week and already applied for my temporary license. I would love to work at a camp!
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    I've 7yrs PA camp RN experience.

    Yes you can hire student nurse as clinic tech help; Graduate nurse with Temporary Practice permit with you supervising them permitted in PA. Having standing orders from collaborating physician and signed permission from parents to administer acetaminophen/tums/cough syrup etc advised.

    Please see our Camp Nursing forum for best advice re running camp infirmary. Legal advice is spot in too.
    Please check out ACA camping info to understand best practices.