salary & traffic to CHOP

  1. I am considering taking a RN position at CHOP. I live in the Lehigh Valley (West of Allentown) Can anyone tell me what my commute would be like? (476 NE extension is where I would start) 7p-7a shift.

    Also, I filled out the application online and am just waiting to hear from CHOP. Can anyone tell me what the starting pay is? Gives me an idea if it is even worth it for me to commute.

    I appreciate the info.
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    I travel your way several times a year: minimum of 1 hour if no traffic tie ups.

    476 south from Allentown to turnpike is 30 minutes.
    Continue south on 476 to Schukykill expressway 76 east, get off at University city exit another 30 minutes----Extend to 1 hour if traveling after 6:30AM as heaviest road into Philly and major tie ups 1xweek.

    #1 Children's hospital in US. GREAT learning environment. Just hired 4 RN PHd to ramp up nursing research:
    Phila:Children's Hospital (CHOP) plans to create pediatric nurse research program

    I'd go for it if working 3 -12's per week as know several nurses who come even further from Pocono's to work in Philly.
    Five shifts/week, 2 hour round trip commute might be more taxing.
  4. by   MsLady06
    That is everyones dream hospital. The pay is excellent and they also dont have lay offs. parking maybe an issue...if your like me, i would walk a mile to avoid that extra 10-15 bucks.
  5. by   bigmona
    someone who works at chop told me that if you work evening shift (and i'm assuming nights, but she did eve), then parking is FREE. don't know if that's still the case.
  6. by   quadsquad
    Thanks for all your info, it is appreciated
  7. by   nurselaur
    I can't sure for sure what the apy is - but I do know it is significantly better than what the Lehigh Valley pays. For some reason, Lehigh's pay scale is way off from te Philly area. Not sure if the cost of living is cheaper - I can't imagine it is much lower. I got an offer at LVH and for a pool nurse they watnedto give me $25/hour. I thought that was ridiculous! THat is what a new grad nurse would get at most places. So - I would say to take the job!
  8. by   mom to a PRINCESS
    I also live in the Lehigh Valley area and found the pay to be ridiculous at LVH. I work pool/per diem and have been doing so for the past 2 years. I also looked into LVH and found the same thing as nurselaur. They wanted to pay me something crazy like $25/hour for per diem!! NO BENEFITS, etc. and you still had to work 1 winter/ 1 summer holiday and some weekend requirements as well! I said forget it! $25/hour was lower than my BASE pay when I was working full time in philly 3 years ago!!! I have been working in philly almost 3 years now per diem and earn $45-55/hour depending on the day and shift. I work nights and I have to say if you are working per diem it is worth the commute. I did start out full time and the commute was really rough. Working night shift 7p-7a: I would leave my house at 5:30pm and sometimes would just make it to work by 7pm. There is so much traffic at that time of day on 76. In the morning, I get out of work at 7:30am and I usually don't get home until about 9:10 am (this is on a weekday). It is much different on the weekend. I make it to and from work in about 50min. I also live right outside of Allentown about 10 min from the turnpike, Lehigh Valley exit. I heard Chop starts out much lower than the other philly hospitals and there is no sign on bonus. Apparently they feel because they have a great reputation it is a "bonus" to work there. I have never worked there so I can't say, this is what I have heard. I also work with a nurse who used to work there and she said there was mandatory overtime. She stayed there 6 months and left. PM me if you have any more questions. Good luck!