nursing school in pittsburgh area

  1. I am wanted to go back for my ADN but not sure where to go. I am looking mostly at WCCC but have heard that there are nursing schools out there that you go to school for free but then have to sign on with them for two years. Does anyone know what schools they are? Any advice going into this? I already have a bachelors in Psychology and have decided to go back because I really want to be a nurse, just have no idea where is the best place to start.
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  3. by   mommyjskns
    I am currently attending Shadyside School of Nursing......they have a loan forgiveness program where they pay for your school if you agree to work for them for two years after graduation. St. Margaret's School of Nursing also offers this program. Good luck with your decision!
  4. by   nicolerj116
    thanks for the advice. i will have to check those schools out. the only pre req that I need for nursing is chemistry so im taking that this semester at community and then hoping to start a nursing program next fall. do you like nursing school so far? When it comes time to get a job do they care what school you went to?
  5. by   mommyjskns
    No, I don't think that they care where you went to school. At Shadyside, the pre-reqs are built into the program, but you can transfer them in and then your time in school will be shorter. They don't actually require chemistry, but you have to take Microbiology, Nutrition, A&P 1 and A&P 2, Logic, Human Growth and Development, and Human Diversity. Like I said, though, those classes are part of the curriculum. If you are interested in the program, check out their website they will give you the details on admissions, etc. I love the far the preparation has been amazing, and I understand that the NCLEX passage rates at my school are fantastic! Good luck!!!!!!!
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    I am definitely going to check out the website you gave me. It sounds like a great program. I guess if I were to apply now it would be for the program that starts fall of 09, right? Good luck with your schooling.
  7. by   mommyjskns
    Actually, they start a program in February and they are accepting admission applications for that right now. You have to take an entrance exam......I did fine on it........and then you send in the rest of your information. If I can help you in any way, let me know!!!
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    Thank you so much for all of your help. Do you know how I would go about applying for the Feb. program? Do you have an email address or phone number for someone down there that I could talk to? I looked on their website and couldnt find anything. Also, one more question. How does it work with them paying for your education? Do you pay for school while you are in and they pay you back, or do they just cover everything including books and then you have to work for them for so many years?
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    You might also want to look into West Penn's school of nursing. My guess is that they probably have some type of tuition reimbursement program. It's hard to say what hospitals will be offering because don't forget, the state funded tuition reimbursement program was discontinued just recently. Good luck with whatever you choose.
  10. by   mommyjskns
    As far as Shadyside goes, they just pay for the tuition. You are responsible for the books and uniforms. You can start your application right from the website. Print the PSB registration form and send it in. You will then take the entrance exam and you will know within two weeks if you passed. If you pass, you have to send them the official application, your transcripts, 3 references and an essay on why you want to be a nurse and why you feel that their program is the right one for you. If you pass your entrance exam, from what I've seen, you are pretty much accepted. If you have any more questions, let me know. Shadyside has an amazing program.....very challenging, but I have learned so much so far. Good luck!
  11. by   mommyjskns navigate the website ........
    first go to
    In the upper right hand corner, you will see "careers @upmc"
    click on that and then when the next page comes up, click on "nursing opportunities" . On the next page, click on "becoming a nurse", then on "schools of nursing".

    Click on UPMC Shadyside, then "admissions", then "how to apply"
    It seems like a project, but it really isn't that hard.
  12. by   nicolerj116
    thank you both for the helpful information. I checked out Shadyside's website and I think I may apply for their program. I am applying for the one at my local community college also because I'm afraid that I wont get into that one. I want a back up plan. Thanks again!
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    my step-sister works at shadyside...i think she got her BSN at Duquene.