New Grads in Critical Care?

  1. Does anyone know any hospitals in the Pittsburgh area that offer new grads the opportunity to work in the ICU and offer a reasonable orientation period?
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  3. by   scucer
    UPMC Children's ICU offers new grads an $8,000 sign on bonus and a 6 month orientation. trust me you need all 6 months there
  4. by   bill4745
    I'ts hard enough for a new grad in an adult ICU. I can't imagine going directly into Peds ICU.
  5. by   janster58
    Pretty much all of them, there desperate! Brand new grads, NO experience needed, now that's scarey.
  6. by   K98
    I graduated in June 2006, went to work in an ICU. Christmas Day, the entire staff with the exception of the charge nurse were staff hired in June or July. Ho,Ho,Ho...
  7. by   pawashrn
    When you want to run with the big dogs, get off the porch. Meaning, just because you are a new grad, don't sell yourself short. Utilize every bit of information out there. Know you limitations and refuse to compromise good patient care for the sake of saying "I don't know"
  8. by   wonderbee
    Try UPMC Presby. Critical care orientation lasts 12 weeks. That's six weeks in the classroom and six weeks on the unit. More would be better.