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Hello All, I wanted to know if anyone has attended Neumann's nursing program. If so, could you please tell me what to expect? I'm just anxious and nervous about finally starting their evening... Read More

  1. by   NRSKarenRN
    So good to hear your update... keep the faith, most BSN programs in this area are INTENSE...tons of papers too. Was on probation soph year as LPN. Nutrition almost threw me despite having been LPN for 4 yrs, got D on final but C as final grade. Proved to Community Health instructor I could ace her class....

    Senior year was nursing club President and went to NSNA national convention in Minneappolis. 1985 Inducted into Sigma Theta Tau as community member.... just kept trucking and asking for instructors advice and support. Never would have guessed I'd still be in Home Care 25+yrs later.

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  2. by   Ceema09
    Thank you so much NRS Karen. I will definitely keep moving along and staying focused. I'll be sure to keep you updated on my status.
  3. by   bsnstudent2rn
    Hi! Ceema or anyone else start that started or attended the part time night program at Neumann. Are the classes that difficult? For the post that I have read it seems like it could be challenging, but I think every program is challenging especially a nursing program. If you have all of your pre-reqs out the way--do you just start right with the NUR classes? Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.

  4. by   Ceema09
    Hi bsnstudent2RN,

    I am currently in Neumann's nursing program and Wednesday is my last day of my 1st semester and I will tell you that its very challenging but I believe its doable. As far as acceptance into the program, I didn't find it to be too hard but Neumann does have certain criteria requirements that must be met. If you do get accepted I RECOMMEND that you study and stay focused because to me its not easy. I hope this helps....
  5. by   bsnstudent2rn
    Ceema: Send me an private message. I cannot because I don't have enough posts yet :-). I need to speak with you.

  6. by   DLC-CNA-MA
    Hiii, I got accepted to the part time evening nursing program because the day program was filled for this year but I turned the offer down, after reading your update I might just reapply and attend their program.....did you start doing clinicals or are you still in the process of completing prerequisites??
  7. by   lacygirl
    I currently attend Neumann University in their nursing program and are having trouble getting help. Any suggestions??
  8. by   lacygirl
    Does anyone know what happens if you fail out of Neumann?? Can I try a different school or won't I be able to get in if I have two failures in my nursing classes??? Anyone???
  9. by   bsnstudent2rn
    Lacygirl: Did you speak with the advisement board at your school? Can you appeal the decision? Did you make an appt with the dean of the nursing dept? Did you meet with your professor regarding your grade?

    You will be able to transfer to another school but you might have to start over from the beginning. You aren't the first nor the last person that this has happened to. I know you are disappointed but you just have to work hard to find another school..but my first option would to speak with the dean first.
  10. by   lacygirl
    I haven't failed out of the Neumann Nursing program yet but just in case I was wondering if I can try another school. I am very disappointed that there isn't much help, such as tutors at this school. I know the Dean of Nursing knows of this problem but I don't see the school changing and it is very upsetting to me, especially since I owe so so much money on loans. They try to get you to change your major to Psychology, but what I am going to do with that degree? I think with proper tutors I would be okay. Does anyone know of an outside company that helps with tutoring in nursing???
  11. by   Ceema09
    Try talking to your counselors and instructors.... I am new to Neumann and am currently in Nur 206 so I can't really say much but I know that they've been willing to help when I needed it.
  12. by   lacygirl
    How are any of those Neumann nursing students doing????
  13. by   Ceema09
    @lacygirl I'm making it.....Its a little rough for me but i'm hanging on.....I will let you know how this semester goes..