Need A Roommate!

  1. I will attend Drexel University in Sept. 2004 for the ACE Nursing program. I am interested in finding a roommate who would be compatible. I am used to living with others when I worked on cruise ships less than a year ago. The requirements are you must be a non-smoker, honest and respect each other when it comes to studying and property.

    I am 43 years old and I have raised a child, therefore, I am mature, however, I pretty much get along with all ages. I don't smoke. It doesn't matter if you drink as long as you don't get sloppy drunk and cause me or yourself harm. I am basically coming to Philly to attend school and do well so I can get out of dodge. Don't like cold weather. I am from Atlanta, GA. area and I am an African American female. I don't have a problem with race, creed, origin....etc. I have a lot of experience with different cultures. I have lived and worked in the US and abroad. I have worked with people from all over the world.

    If you are interested, let me know.

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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Can't help with the roommate, but sending my oldest off to Drexel's computer engineering program.

    This will be the third year for the ACE program so you should have a well organized program. I've attended many excellent CEU courses over the years, all excellent.

    Welcome to Philly!

    Wishing you a moderate winter. PM me when settled. Always interested in meeting allnurses members.
  4. by   rn-jane
    I don't know of any room mate but maybe contact the university grad program, there might be someone in a similar situation as yours. That's how my brother found his roomate at pitt. Good luck!
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    hey while were at it, anyone need a roomy for pittsburgh for this fall????

    i shall be in need as well!

  7. by   NurseDiva04
    Just spoke with Student Life. Dorm apartment will be $900/month single and about 700-800/month with 2-3 in apartment! My Lord, Almighty Father you need to bless me with some money!