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Hello all, I'm taking this chance to meet other nurses in PA. Who knows, maybe I've meant some of you. I graduated a year ago, and meant a lot of other nursing students in clinicals, and such. ... Read More

  1. by   FranEMTnurse
    You are right. In fact, where I live, it's called 'Centre County.'
  2. by   ER_RN'05
    Hey guys any nurses that work in the Lehigh Valley area?
  3. by   lauramae18
    I'm a nursing student at Mercy in Pgh, and will be done in May 2007. Hope to be an RN by end of July 2007, working at Mercy. Love it there! Even though it's to be "bought out" by UPMC, it's not the building that has the values, it's the people.
  4. by   NRSKarenRN
    Welcome new Pa posters!
  5. by   Kymmi
    Im originally from Somerset and have worked in Johnstown...any nurses here from those areas?
  6. by   akvarmit
    Kymmi- Hi there! I live in Davidsville - half way between Johnstown and Somerset. Feel free to email me privately if you want to reminisce about floods, corn fields and Coney Island Hot dogs.
    Dawn in PA
  7. by   hafsa44
    Hi I live and work in Philadelphia. I work on a Med-Surg Floor. I've been a nurse since January of 2004 and I'm now attending Immaculata University in thier accel RN-BSN program. Since I've been out of school I work many jobs per-diem and I work agency (Maxim). I'm currently hooked up with Nursepartners. It's nice to hear from other nurses in the area.
  8. by   Considering Nursing
    Hi Everyone in PA! I have lived all over PA. I grew up in Mercer County then moved to Johnstown and I remember those coney island "hot dogs" and the sundowners too. Right now I live in Mount Pleasant and thinking about moving back to the J town area. I am considering the nursing program at Mt. Aloysius. If anyone has or is currently in this program I would love to hear your opinions. I would try for Westmoreland County Comm. College but knowing the slim chances of getting in there, its very discouraging. Please reply.
  9. by   Kymmi
    I graduated from Mt. Aloysius Nursing program however that was many years ago (1989). I now live in Tampa, FL but used to work in Johnstown.
    Doesnt ACC in Somerset have a nursing program now?
  10. by   mel1213
    Hello all Pa nurses!!!
    I am a semi new grad as an LPN. I graduated in june 2005!! Been working in a SNF and am trying to find a new job. It is hard to find one though!!
    Anyone from Hazleton or close to Hazleton???
  11. by   247
    Hi Sarah,

    I'd like to know all you can tell me about your job. I am really interested. Would it be something for a new LPN grad to attempt? I need to start working ASAP. But I keep hearing and seeing all these nightmares!!! I worked one place 5 days and nearly had heart failure! The mistakes I saw and the carelessness is really hard to just "Overlook" !! Please help!
    Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Margie
  12. by   lauramae18
    Quote from Markthemalenurse
    I'm from Pittsburgh and I work for an agency that deals with MH/MR. I have been a nurse since 2003. I am curius to know how many of you that have posted here, I know.
    Just did clinical rotation with Mercy Behavioral Health - at Journey Home and on the psych floor at Mercy. You, sir, are one of my new heroes.
  13. by   kenzy
    Anyone from Erie area?