Licensure in PA but live in OH

  1. Hi all,
    I am graduating this spring from a nursing program (RN) in Ohio. However, I plan to work in Pennsylvania. I am weighing my options and I would appreciate if anyone can give me any information I might not already know!

    I do plan to get BOTH Ohio and PA nursing licenses at some point. I am currently debating which one I should get first. I have heard that some people find it difficult to obtain licensure by endorsement in Ohio, so I am thinking about just getting Ohio's first and get that out of the way.

    I am not too upset about doing that because in PA, you can work as a graduate nurse with a temporary practice permit.

    So to sum up my conundrum...I am thinking about applying for Ohio licensure, and then applying for ONLY a temp. practice permit for PA (NOT licensure by exam). So then I will be a graduate nurse and able to work in PA. Then I will take the boards in Ohio. Hopefully I will pass the boards, so I will be an RN in ohio. I will apply for endorsement (or is it reciprocity?) in PA, and while I wait for the PA board to endorse, I will be permitted to work as a graduate nurse in PA. Is that allowed??? Any suggestions??

    I applaud anybody who read that whole message and understands it!
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  3. by   Jolie
    Quote from vicarious
    Hi all,
    Is that allowed??? Any suggestions??
    Only the PA BON can answer your question for certain, but I doubt it.

    PA does issue temorary practice permits to candidates who hold valid out of state licenses while they await procesing of a PA license by endorsement.

    I don't think they will extend that courtesy to a new grad who is applying for an initial license in another state.
  4. by   vicarious
    Thanks for your response! It is my understanding that PA issues temporary practice permits to graduates of nursing programs before they take their boards as well. I have seen them refer to them as Graduate TPP or Graduate RN permit.
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  5. by   elkpark
    In my experience, the only way you get a graduate nurse permit is to apply for initial licensure (to take the NCLEX) in that state -- if you're not applying for initial licensure in the state, you don't get a permit. I would check directly with the PA BON about whether your plan is possible.

    If you know you're going to be in PA, why not just apply for licensure in PA and be done? I endorsed into OH a number of years ago from another state, and had no difficulties or delay in getting an OH license. What kind of endorsement difficulties (in OH) are you concerned about?
  6. by   vicarious
    Thanks elk. <--This is the site I found for PA that talks about the Graduate TPP.
    It states, "You may apply for a Graduate TPP if you have completed an approved nursing education program in
    Pennsylvania or any other state of the U.S. less than one year ago and you have not taken the licensure
    exam. The TPP fee is the same for both PA and Out-of-State Graduates."
    It goes on to say.."A Pennsylvania TPP holder who takes the licensure exam in another state and wants to obtain PA licensure, must complete an Endorsement Application for Pennsylvania and submit it upon notification of licensure in the other state."

    It's my personal opinion that it seems a bit easier to get an initial license in PA just from looking at how both states handle application for licensure. For example, I do not think that PA requires fingerprint or background checks whereas Ohio requires BCI and FBI as well as passport photos and a notarized signature. I am not entirely sure, but I'm guessing that getting endorsed for licensure in Ohio with an existing PA license may require all of the above. Also, I have heard that Ohio is one of the more difficult states to get licensed in from a few different people.

    I guess that is why I wanted to get licensed in OH, which is questionably more difficult when it comes to handing out licenses. At this point, since I plan to get licensed in both states, I don't think it matters that PA charges $100 for out-of-state inital licensure applicants to take the NCLEX, because I'm sure there are fees for endorsement from OH to PA and vice versa. The bottom line is that it is going to cost some money regardless.

    I see that this is definitely something I will need to call the PA and maybe OH BONs about. Now who thinks that either will answer their phones and be able to answer me?
  7. by   PAERRN20
    If you are licensed in Ohio as an RN Pennsylvania will not issue you a GN permit since you are already licensed.
  8. by   vicarious
    But I am not licensed in Ohio and will not be when I apply to be a graduate nurse in PA. Thanks all. I am calling the PA BON about this one. I'll let you know what happens
  9. by   vicarious
    Update- PA does require background checks in the state in which you reside if you reside out-of-state.

    I haven't been able to get a hold of anybody at the PA BON, but I've decided to apply for original licensure in Ohio, apply for Graduate Nurse TPP in PA, take NCLEX for Ohio, and apply for licensure by endorsement in PA. For anybody wondering what the cost differences are, it isn't much of a difference either decision was based primarily on the fact that I reside in Ohio, my school is in ohio and is sort of guiding us through Ohio's application process, and it seems it will be less difficult if my original licensure is in Ohio.

    Original licensure in OH, PA TPP, NCLEX, and endorsement in PA came out to $440.
    GN TPP in PA, Original licensure in PA, NCLEX, and endorsement in OH came out to $485.
  10. by   iwanna
    I live in PA. I obtained my PA license in 1997. I worked for 18 mos. in PA. Then found a job in OH. I interviewed for the job, got hired and applied for OH license. They sent me temp. permit, but two days later I got license. It was very easy. However, OH is more expensive than PA, and requires CE credits after the first year. It really is beneficial to have two state licenses since I am close to border. I have worked in OH and PA this past year.

    I think that you would probably have to work for awhile to get license by endorsement. But, call state BON.
  11. by   ajr2015
    Please keep me posted how this works out for you! I'm facing the exact same situation right now! Living and graduating from Ohio, but have a job offer in PA. If you find any great contacts that can give you definitive answers, please share. Good luck in your first year!
  12. by   elkpark
    Quote from ajr2015
    Please keep me posted how this works out for you! I'm facing the exact same situation right now! Living and graduating from Ohio, but have a job offer in PA. If you find any great contacts that can give you definitive answers, please share. Good luck in your first year!
    Did you notice this was a thread from 2010? The OP hasn't been active here since 2011.