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  1. I'm relatively new to the Pittsburgh area having been here only about a year. Can anyone tell me where I might find employment with a good home health agency? I know about Interim, thanks to NurseBaby05, and am checking them out. I'd like others to be able to compare $$, benefits, etc.
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    It's not home health but when I lived in Pgh, I worked for Corvel Corporation doing medical case management for workers compensation claims as a suggestion. Considerable paid travel in the state and also full bennies even for PT employees. I loved it!! Worked primarily from home on the comp and only had to go into the office a couple of times monthly. Attended lots of doctors visits with clients and also testimony in court cases. Pay was better than in the home health industry and comparable to most hospital salaries. No on hands patient care though and considerable less STRESS. Corvel Corporation 412-922-4077. I believe Kathy Messinger is still the Director there. They usually dont advertise publically thier positions. I relocated out of state or else I would still be there. Position is great if you have kids as very flexible. I was always home when they went to school and usually home by the time the last bell rang
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