Drexel, Villanova, U Penn nursing programs..opinions please

  1. hello everyone. i'm looking into switching careers and was wondering if y'all could give me some information on nursing programs. i am looking at drexel, villanova, and maybe u penn. u penn is super expensive, so most likely this school won't be an option. i don't really know that much about nursing programs, so is one school better than the other....i.e....is drexel better than villanova. i know in undergrad some schools have stronger programs in certain departments than other schools, so that is why i'm asking. if i'm going to pay to go back to school, i want to get the best education possible. once i graduate i may be moving to another state, so does the name of your school help in getting a job?

    thanks...any advice is greatly appreciated
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  3. by   hushpupgrl
    does anyone know? i guess i basically just want to know if one school has a better reputation than another. since i'm paying to get my education, i would like to get off on the best start....any opinions would be appreciated

  4. by   CRNAhopefulguy
    dont quote me but from the schools ur picking, id pick drexel if u can get in. I heard there pass rate is like 98% and villanova is like only 89-93%. Also drexel is in the city, more exposure to larger and more critical patients i believe. Also ur at some great hospitals as well. I think villanova is alright, but for the price, theres other places that are better bang for ur buck.
  5. by   CRNAhopefulguy
    if i were you, id go to drexel. Also, consider villanova for graduate education cuz i heard Villanova is number one in graduate education in the US. Dont know the cost of either but im sure its up there rivaling penn.
  6. by   Nikki422
    Hi there! Well..I actually just got my acceptance letter from Villanova this week. It IS expensive, but...let me tell you, my financial aid package is amazing. They have actually covered all costs for me...I'm still waiting to hear from Drexel..ANY day now. If I get in, I'm sure it will come down to financial assistance as to where I go..
    As far as clincals go..they all pretty much use the same hospitals. I know Villanova requires students to get a mix of hospital exposure types, like at least one city, or one county, depending on your preference.
    As far as school name recognition..umm..you're going to be a nurse, you really won't need anymore help getting a job, and that's the truth! I transfered from the number three nursing school in the country and people back here on the east coast don't even know it exists..
    Good luck!!
  7. by   Country PICU
    Don't forget about Widener. It is a great nursing program. Just out side of the city in delaware county.