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I finally got my acceptance letter! :thankya:I'll be attending the Boyce campus. I know if I got my acceptance letter today, then other CCAC students have as well. Share the good... Read More

  1. by   nurs_1
    LMax.....Question....Are the people that told you "bad" things about CCAC, people that didn't make it through the first year? Keep that in mind because less than half of your class will be there next May. CCAC is hard, but honestly do you really want to be in the hospital with a nurse that barely knows what their doing. Congrats to us all!

    True, I wouldn't either, but have you ever had a bad teacher? If the instructor knows how to teach science then most of their students will be fine. I had a really bad experience with A&P. We were told to study one thing & the exams later covered something else. I think it is the intructur's job to do their job right! After all we are PAYING! Never forget that. I m not a nursing student yet but I heard a lot of crap about CCAC nursing. Students should demand quality! ( I don't meant to scream at you, just making a strong point
  2. by   nurs_1
    Ksusan, I will be happy to comare notes too I ll be in Allegheny
  3. by   kacey0423
    We have to pass a drug calculation exam with a 92% or better in September. If we don't, we are out of the program. If you are not good at them, I would strongly recommend taking the class, although I don't think there will be another class before then. I would check. Also, you need permission to register(from someone in the nursing dept..)
    Good luck to you!
  4. by   tokidoki7
    I'm going to a dosage calculation seminar tomorrow at Boyce. I'd like to compare notes too.

    Just a couple more weeks, guys!
  5. by   kacey0423
    Great! good luck. Let me know how it goes. If you haven't already gotten the book, make sure you do. It will be a good reference, and our teacher told us we will use it often in the next two years. I couldn't do conversions at all before I took this class, and I got a 98 percent! It really helped me a lot.
  6. by   KSusan1010
    Hello Nurs 1,
    No offense taking to you "screaming" at me! lol My point was simply to say, do you really want a nurse taking care of you or your loved one that only get's her drug calculations correct 92% of the time? I don't.

    I agree with you that having a "bad" instructor can affect your ability to learn the material, but from what I understand the percentages of students that complete the first year are pretty comparable throughout CCAC and since they are all not taught by the same instructor.....leads me to believe that this is just not for everyone (for one reason or another) and that it is the instructors job to weed these people out quickly.

    Anyway, don't be mad at my "take personal responsibility" outlook. I'd simply believe more of what I read by students that have made it to the second year or better yet....GRADUATED! Whoo Hoooo!
  7. by   nurs_1
    mochabean. Hi! I need my finger printing done asap (. Can you please let me know how did u get urs? Thank you!
  8. by   nurs_1
    Hi. I need my finger priting asap ( Can you please let me know where you got urs done? Thank u much!
  9. by   tokidoki7
    I was given the link to this website

    You have to register and pay $35 (I think), then you will be given some type of confirmation number. Print that out and take it to the nearest facility (see print location & hours) and your fingerprints will be done. It didn't take long to get something back in the mail, probably about a week.
  10. by   nurs_1
    U r super fast! Thank you.
  11. by   tokidoki7
    I had orientation this morning. I wish it would've been held earlier this month because there was so much info and people were confused about books. But anyway, the entire 3 hours was about where we would go for clinicals this week and other expectations for the program. At the end of orientation there was a mad rush to the computer lab and everyone was printing out powerpoint lectures at the same time. It was so confusing! I'll be at Presybeterian Senior Care. How was everyone else's orientation?
  12. by   sh1901
    Hey guys....second semester at Allegheny campus here. Try not to stress out too much. Honestly, the most important thing you can do is make sure that you keep up with your reading. There is a TON of material and if you fall behind you will NEVER get caught up. Just pay attention and listen to what your instructors tell you. Clinical can seem a little scary, but you will survive.

    As for the dosage calc test - yes, you need to pass with a 92%. You get 2 attempts, if you do not pass both, you will have to drop the course and retake 101 again in the Spring. When you start 102, you take the test at orientation. Again, you need to pass with 92%. I know that there are those out there that think that they would not want a nurse who only gets it right 92% of the time taking care of them....well, there are a lot of nurses that get it wrong more often than 8% of the time and they are practicing. You need to remember that in the "real world" you will have resources available to you including computer systems and coworkers when you are calculating medications. For the exam, it's just you and a calculator.

    Stay on top of your certifications (Child Abuse, Criminal Record, Fingerprinting and CPR) because you need to renew them every year. Only exception would be CPR - many of those are 2 years depending on where you were certified. A good way to do this is to keep a binder with everything in it. I have a binder that has all of my certifications, and all of the skill sheets that I was signed off on. This way all of my stuff is together and I can prove my ability to do anything at any time. NEVER count on the school to keep track of anything for self-sufficient and keep track of things yourself. Once you are out of school, you have to keep up with everything yourself anyway.

    Good Luck to everyone starting their first semester!! Hang in there and know that YOU CAN DO THIS!!!
  13. by   tokidoki7
    I divided up my syllabus: clinical, skills, and assessment. I looked over everything yesterday, but I'm going to look over it again because it seems like there's always a quiz or something to turn in! Organization definetly is the key. I still have a lot of reading I have to get done by tomorrow!