Anyone getting the Tuition Forgiveness @ UPMC Shadyside??

  1. Anyone getting the Tuition Loan Forgiveness @ UMPC Shadyside? Do they give out a lot of those or are they really competetive??
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  3. by   godsend213
    Hey there..Yes I am actually HOPING to start shadyside school of nursing in February. I talked to someone about that tuition forgiveness program, the only catch with that is you have to get a c or higher in all your classes. If you dont you will have to pay for the schooling. So I suggest work REALLY HARD. Thats what I plan to do! And it beats paying thousands of dollars. Maybe you can help me with this one. My only concern with going to shadyside is that you graduate with a diploma. Is that ok? Will I get a good job with a diploma?
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  4. by   K98
    You can get a good job with a diploma. WPAHS pays BSNs .50 per hour more than ADN/Diploma nurses. Not really enough of a difference to be meaningful. If you are interested in a BSN, you can continue on the Clarion University through West Penn, or on to PSU/New Ken through Citizen's General SON.
  5. by   danh3190
    At our orientation they just passed out the contracts for the loan forgiveness program and anybody who wanted to sign up could. As mentioned above you have to have C's (76) in all the classes. You'll still be responsible for the income tax on the loan once it's forgiven 2 years after you've worked there but UPMC will withhold some from each pay over the two years and give it to you when the tax is due so you'll be able to pay it. Even though we have to pay income tax, it still seems like a good deal to me, at least I hope so.
  6. by   Shadelyn
    I am in the tuition forgivness program. It is not selective and like others mentioned you just need to stay above a C. Even if you aren't in the tuition program you really have to do that anyway because D's are failing and 2 grades below C and you're out period.

    I wish I hadn't signed the tuition program though because I could get the same funding through UPMC because I work for them. They offer I think $3000 a semester or year for schooling with a one year work commitment. I'm not sure what you pay back in taxes though.
  7. by   merner1012

    How do you get the work commitment contract through UPMC? Is that becuase you work for UPMC? Just wondering because it seems a better deal perhaps than the loan forgiveness! Thanks a bunch!

  8. by   danh3190

    Have you talked to Adrienne? I think you may still be able to do that. At least that's the way it sounded 2 years ago at my orientation.

  9. by   mcRN2b
    I was frowning on the tuition foregiveness program at first. Now I am wondering if I will be able to get entry-level experience as a nurse without it. I find that this city can be a bit discriminating at times and I would like to know if anybody has had an easy time getting employment right out of school without tuition foregiveness. Many jobs want the so-called "2 yrs. experience required".
  10. by   merner1012

    I started out at shadyside with having the tuition forgiveness and then decided to get off of it because I had so many grants to cover the costs and didn't want to be stuck with only working for Upmc at some job I may not be happy with. I had a job offer before I graduated w/ the unit I transitioned on and actually turned it down (along w/3 other SN's who transitioned there- it was NOT a good floor to work on). I did find another job doing rehab nursing, hut hated it, then got hired on a great unit with Upmc. It was about 6 months after I graduated that I got hired w/Upmc bc they weren't hiring for so long. You will find a job with the hospitals although it may take longer than you want but yoh may just have to wait it out a little. Also, go with your gut feelings about a job offer and unit. I'm not sure if shadyside is still offering the tuition forgiveness (I hear rumours they're not?) but you may get stuck at a job you truly aren't happy with is my only problem with it, which can make two years much longer than you think. Hope this helps, but it's a pretty personal decision!

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