Any other Frankford Hospital School of Nursing Students Out There Starting in Jan??

  1. Hey y'all,

    I just wanted to know if anyone else out there is starting at Frankford in January. I am and I just wanted to say Hello to all of you. I cannot wait until then as I have wanted to be a nurse for 15 years now and I have had things happen to get in the way. I'm so excited and happy that there are only 57 days until the first day of class. I hope to hear from all of you. To those of you still in school, good luck the rest of the semester.

    Take care,

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  3. by   ormidaleRN
    I graduated from Frankford last year. Good luck , some of the teachers are completely insane. I would not go there if I had to do it again.
  4. by   srffbaby27
    So, I am thinking about applying to there program. I know you said you didnt like it so much, but my question is this...I am not from Philly and I will be moving there in the spring. Is the school close to public transportation? Is the area an ok area and is there close apartments near by? How much was the tuition,etc. Any info would really help me. Thanks, Erica

    Quote from ormidaleRN
    I graduated from Frankford last year. Good luck , some of the teachers are completely insane. I would not go there if I had to do it again.
  5. by   ormidaleRN
    Hi Erica

    Frankford Nursing School is very close to public transportation, four city blocks . The neighborhood is not what it was, alot of crime. If you are driving I would not worry, there are better areas close by to live. I have lived and worked there for over twenty-five years , and no problems. Tuition is around 9,000.00 a year, the state of Pa gives you around 3,500.00 in grants.
    The hospital also employs alot of students after the first clinical, unless you are already a CNA. As a CNA you can start work earlier.
    The school has a very successfull program with a 97-100% pass rate. I think last year was 100%. If you can put up with the bull go for it.
    Also, try and complete all the none nursing class before you start the program. You will have an easier time managing just the nursing, more time to study.
    Good luck regardless on were ever you go. Oh, look at Northeastern Hospital Nursing Program. They are part of the Temple Hospital System. No affilation with the Temple University Nursing program.

    :wink2: Ormidale RN
  6. by   reachingmydream
    What do you mean by bull? applying and wondering for my own good.
  7. by   bellylovely
    i guess she means on her pervious comments the crazy instructors, but i plan to apply for next year to frankford if i don't get accepted to the school i applied too for sept 09, i might also take the lpn route too since its limited time for the science to expire
  8. by   reachingmydream
    You can take your sciences in the summer I and II, then wait till jan 2010.
  9. by   bellylovely
    I've done all of my pre-reqs at ccp in early 08, and now i'm just waiting, was on a waitin list, its just so hard to get into RN program and you don't want to just go into any school, so now I'm considering a lpn program just to get one step closer and bridge over to an rn program. I did take the teas test at frankford and miss it by 2 points. so good luck to you, study hard
  10. by   reachingmydream
    where were you on a waiting list, how was yout GPA? good luck to you to!
  11. by   lmangano07
    hey i dont think frankford has a waiting list. If you do not get accepted to the semester that you apply, you have to re apply. I applied for september 2009.