Peg tube feeding splashed on my face


Hi, I am a nursing student, and today I was taking care of a patient with septic shock, c-diff, and pneumonia. As I opened the port to check for residuals on the peg tube, some of the feeding splashed over my face. Right after finishing the procedure I washed my face with soap and water. Should I be worried? Should I go to a doctor? I did not tell my instructor as I thought It'd be okay to just wash it but now I am getting worried.


[yes I was wearing gown and gloves]

and thank you for your reply

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We cannot offer medical advice as per the Terms of Service but you should always report any splash to you instructor. If the patient has C-diif were you wearing protective clothing?

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1) Your instructor is there to teach you, and you needed to learn something. Don't et her lose the opportunity to do her job. :)

2) Tube feed is not blood or serum. Go to your doc if you want, but this is not something to worry about.

3) Go look up the precautions and rationales for them for hepatitis and HIV. You will feel better. (The CDC is your friend.)


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I've been there, done that! Unless they were infected, like the other people who commented stated, you're good. Honestly, I've got much, much worse things on my face at work.. last week my coworker accidentally splashed pee in her face when she dumped in the toilet.

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I hate to say that happens to me all the time, but it has happened more than once ...especially when trying to unclog a PEG tube. I'm still alive and well. :)


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Thank you all for the help and reply :)


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As someone else said, it's not blood or even urine. It's akin to someone throwing up on you. As long as it didn't get in your mouth or eyes, I wouldn't worry too much. But next time tell your instructor...they are there to help!