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Does anyone have any suggestions, tricks, or advice for passing peds and maternity?........I begin that this semester.......someone let me know something......

Well, I can't give you much but I will tell you what I do know based off working as a care tech in a children's hospital. It seems like a no-brainer but I tell you I see it over and over and over again. I will see nurses tell children when they are getting shots that it won't hurt or that the medicine taste like candy. Be honest with the children. If you are straight-forward with them you will have a better professional relationship with them just like an adult patient. Secondly get down to the level of the child, I also see nurses over and over again be above the child and the child is down below. It is very intimidating for that child when you are not at their level. Well, that is all I can share with you now. I probably can share more but my brain is on low-fuel right about now.

Good luck, I have peds/maternity this semester as well.

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Hi! First of all, I don't know of any tips to actually help you *pass* the class; I think a lot of studying might help! However, I can throw in a few tips that may help make it smoother. In Peds, don't forget about the parents- most of them are very worried about their children, and it's a great opportunity to help them regain control if you include them in your care. They may be spending most or all of their time in the room with their kids- sneak them a snack or juice, or offer to watch the child for half an hour while they go down and get a bite to eat or something, or take a shower. That way they know their child isn't left alone, and they get a chance to refresh themselves. If the baby needs to be changed, help them change the baby...if you're giving meds, explain to them in layman's terms what you're doing and why, and what to look for in case something happens that they can call you for. Give them pamphlets, etc., if they're available, and take the opportunity to assess their home status, ie, if they need information on free immunization clinics for their kids, or if they need medicare info or info about food banks, discount meds, clinics, etc. Load them up with stuff!!! Great opportunity for teaching. With the kids, realize if you're shoving an NG tube down their nose there's no way to make them happy about it- do it swiftly and don't be afraid to ask for help. Be sure to take them away from their bed to do treatments- to a treatment room if you have one. The bed is their safe place, and doing invasive stuff will rob them of that. Bring stickers, sugar free suckers, cool band-aids, etc. to hand out after they get a shot, etc. Get a neat little lapel pin (I had a minnie mouse nurse pin) that they can look at or play with while you're up close to them. Get a neat scope coat (they sell them on that they can play with and look at while they're near you. In maternity, don't forget to pamper the moms- they need their rest. They get dehydrated, so bring them lots of ice chips if they can have it, otherwise, take a damp rag and let them suck on it to wet their lips and mouth. Keep their peri areas clean and dry so that they're comfortable. Rub their lower backs. Give dad a break. Give her rest and quiet if she needs it. Lower the lights. Talk soothingly. Don't focus on the baby, focus on her- mommies get forgotten in all of the excitement sometimes. Brush her hair off her face. You'll have a wonderful time!!! It's all about perspective. I had such a fantastic rotation I just accepted a job on the NICU- you just fall in love with it. It takes special nurses to do these jobs- some people in my class walked away and said, 'NEVER AGAIN!!', and I couldn't wait to go back. Good luck!! Have fun!!


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I haven't taken peds so I don't have any suggestions (sorry) I just HAD to say that I love your sinature line, KristiWhite2377. I drug my hubby over to read it and he got a laugh out of it, too.

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