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Well I am about to start my last semester of Nursing school and I will be having Peds/maternity. I don't really have any books that will help me during the semester besides regular test books. Does anyone know if their are any books that are highly recommended that help simplify things. Sometimes I think it helps to have something that brings the information down a notch...Anyhow, I have NCLEX review books but didn't know if something more specific to peds/maternity would be in order of beneficial...Thanks for any info you may share......


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I think they make both an "OB Nursing Made Incredibly Easy" and a "Pediatric Nursing Made Incredibly Easy", but I used the individual sections in my NCLEX review books for the two classes. I have Davis and Saunders and did pretty well in the two classes, although I had them in separate semesters. Last spring I had Med-Surg and OB and this past semester I had Peds and Psych. I too will be starting semester #4 in the spring, but I have community health and leadership. *shrugs* Good luck! Peds wasn't too hard for me because I felt alot of the Med-Surg material was still relevant. The body systems covered are the same and it's still split up like that and there are some things exclusive to kids (infectious diseases etc.) but yeah. :) Hope this helps!


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Thanks, we are using the LWW books...they are ok, but definetly could be better.....Our program is changing and my class is actually the last to go thru it the way it is now, I know the class behind me is actually taking Maternity and med surg in the same semester, but we took all of our med surg and then our last semester is split between maternity and peds.....I am not sure, but I think I prefer the way my class is doing it.....But thanks again..

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I Think "bringing information down a notch" is a wrong discription. Anytime you read information a second or third time by another author you are getting the same information from another person's perspective and our brains perceive and recognize that. It makes a difference. It doesn't mean the information is being dumbed down, but our brain perceives and analyzes it differently. And sometimes that is all we need to start turning the lightbulbs on.


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Well what I meant was that the books we use are somewhat complicated sometimes, and I like things a bit more to the point to have first....Then after I understand a concept better I refer back to my textbooks and it helps dramatically.....

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