Pediatric PCT or Med Surg CNA?


Which position (PCT on a pediatric unit, or CNA on a Med Surg unit) would you pick, and why? Thanks! :)


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A pediatric unit will likely yield more entertainment and smiles on your part. You'll have wider vital sign parameters, it's easier on our bodies. Peds patients usually have more pleasant demeanors then sick adults do.

Med Surg, you will learn an enormous amount due to the variety within the unit. I quit enjoyed my time in that specialty. They are very busy and go go go.

I think I would chose pediatrics because it is a harder specialty to get into and makes you more marketable for the future.


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Thanks for replying! :)

What does a PCT do in peds? I'm assuming vitals and bed baths, but what else?


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I assume blood sugars, tell them stories, play games with the kids.

Help them with meals. I work in a peds ER and we put a lot of Disney movies on for them. Just helping the RN with what's needed.

You'll probably be responsible for cleaning and setting up equipment

I've done both and the job is the exact same for peds and adults: VS, I&Os, blood sugars, ADLs, linen changes, etc. Same duties just different size patients. I rarely had extra time to play with them--I was too busy doing my job.