When to quit Bottle feeding

  1. I have a 23 mnth old grandchild who goes to bed with a bottle of milk.
    She wakes periodically at night and will be given more milk in a bottle.
    She has had re-current ear infections.
    Is there is a connection ?
    When should she be weaned from this habit ?
    How best is it done?
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  3. by   canoehead
    Bottles in bed are frowned on because they cause recurrent ear infections and the sugar left in her mouth all night will cause cavities. If they cannot remove the bottle she could have water in it.

    If it was my child I would have a bottle going away party and tell her she's a big girl, and send the bottle away to other babies that need it. She'll have a tearful night or two, but it will be over quickly. Perhaps some chocolate milk in a cup before they do their teeth brushing like the big girls do would help.
  4. by   maxienurse
    Thanks for the reply - it was helpful. Now, to tell my daughter-in-law !! She needs convincing about the ear infections.
    Also, she thinks the child needs the milk.
    I like the going away party thing.
    Thanks, once again.
  5. by   maxienurse
    Should a 2yr old still go to bed with a bottle of milk?
    She drinks a variety of fluids, using a sippy-cup during the day but goes to bed with a bottle of milk, and if she wakes up at night gets more milk in a bottle.
    She has had numerous ear infections, but never had any advice about milk bottles during the night.
  6. by   justjenny
    We are unable to give advice on allnurses. It is a good idea to ask your pediatrician for advice on this topic.

  7. by   NRSKarenRN
    merged threads. parenting and educational advice ok. specific medical advice for individual disease mgmt against tos...fine line sometimes.

    good info here from children's hospitals to share:

    pediatric advisor 2006.2: weaning reluctance or resistance

    baby bottle weaning

    news - long-term bottle use puts toddlers at increased risk of iron deficiency

    middle ear infections

    other: bottle feeding and ear infections - a formula for disaster?
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