toddler with pink eye

  1. i know, fun- right? so not asking for medical advice here, just asking you experienced peds nurses if you have any tips for getting eye drops in to a toddler. the holding him down while he screams and squeezes his eyes shut is really not working for me. the only thing i have found so far that works is to do it while he nurses, he's more relaxed. but he doesn't nurse QID anymore. any responses are appreciated.
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    Here is a thread about this:
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    as a former preschool teacher...get dad to help you! it sucks to hold him down, but sometimes, especially with the little ones, it's the best you can do to get the meds in. one thing i've noticed that helps is to either position baby where his body is over your legs and his head is laid back (gently, naturally) or lay baby down on a flat surface like the changing table/bed and do it quick and fast with one restraining arms and legs and the other putting in the drops. eye and ear drops are the toughest to get in, especially when they can't make the medicine = feel better connection yet.