the Denver II Developmental Screening Test - page 3

Can anyone help me to find instructions about how to use the Denver II Developmental Screening Test? My textbook describes the test, and my manual has a chart and a sheet with a list of items, but... Read More

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    You don't have to be a premium member to send PMs but you do have to have 15 contributory posts. In your profile set up you've selecvted to enable members to email you via the site. All they have to do is click on the envelope underneath and to the right of your user name then type their message. There is no attachment feature in that email system but you may be able to privately share your email address so that the PDF can be forwarded to you.
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    I am new to this site. I would love to receive a copy of the Denver Developmental II PDFs that you have. I am not a premium member, so I don't know if I can send private messages. Don't want to post my email on this thread either :0) Since u r a premium member, are you able to see my email address??
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    The Denver materials are posted in the thread 'Developmental Assessment Tools' tacked at the top of the forum.