The best thing about peds

  1. I have always wondered why so many nurses are drawn to pediatrics.I myself have even thought of this specialty.I love children and have a heart to help them when they are sick.I want to know what draws you to pediatrics,whether it was something in your heart since you were a child or something happened later in life that changed your heart.Thanks!
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  3. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    I've always loved children. I started babysitting when I was only 10 (really small community, with my mother close at hand). When my thoughts started turning toward a career in nursing, I knew I'd want to work with kids. When my son was born with a congenital heart defect, I thought NICU was my destiny. But later, when he had many admissions to hospital I gradually drifted toward general peds nursing. Only after he spent 5 weeks in PICU did my dream become a plan. After returning to school and becoming a registered nurse, I worked for 2 years in an intermediate care nursery. I liked that well ehough, but it wasn't quite what I wanted. I transferred to PICU 20 years ago this September and there I am today.
  4. by   Kunzieo
    I just like kids better than most adults. I've always liked working with kids- I babysat, volunteered in the church nursery, etc from the time I was 12. While I was in school, I worked as a CNA on a tele/step-down unit. Every shift further cemented my desire to work with kids. Adults have chronic illnesses that are often self-induced, or at least exacerbated by habits. Adults are incredibly whiny and want to complain and make excuses about why they can't use their IS or walk to the bathroom. Adults malinger and demand narcotics. Adults refuse their meds for various and sundry reasons that have no basis in fact. Adults will put their call light on to complain about the beeping from the monitor, or to ask you to hand them a tissue from a box that was 3 inches from their call light. (Note, not all adults and not all the time. But enough that I just knew I don't have the temperament to work with them.)
    I can excuse all of those behaviors in kids, because they are kids and have the right to be whiny and petulant when in the hospital, and spit out meds because they taste horrible and cry because something hurts. I expect more from adults, but don't often get it.

    plus... kids are small. There is very little heavy lifting during turns or changes. And we have tiny cute equipment. And we get to motivate our patients by challenging them to a game of foosball or a race down the hallway on a plasma car. And stickers and bubbles help solve problems. And we get to listen to Disney soundtracks in our patients' rooms. Peds is awesome.
  5. by   BlueBoxSearcher
    I love the quote on Disney songs.I can understand why peds is such a sought after specialty.It seems like it is the best,beings that you get to work with kids.I have seen adults who whine more then some kids.Funny and true.Thank you.
  6. by   meanmaryjean
    My favorite thing (having worked with adults) is that children do not 'enjoy' the sick role. At all.

    Their sole concern is getting better and getting outta Dodge City. Period
  7. by   A&OxNone
    Quote from meanmaryjean
    My favorite thing (having worked with adults) is that children do not 'enjoy' the sick role. At all.

    Their sole concern is getting better and getting outta Dodge City. Period

    I always knew I would do peds in nursing school, so I can't say that I knew this as the "most enjoyable" thing until a few years into my nursing career. But saying that they dont "enjoy the sick role" is right on point. I've seen an 8 year old up and ambulating the halls a day or two after a liver transplant. I had a kid last weekend that was intubated for over a month, extubated a few days before, but was wanting to play peek-a-boo and blow bubbles. They literally are just such resilient creatures and thats the reason why I don't mind working so hard every day.