starting new job soon on peds hematology/oncology...

  1. Hi. I'll be starting on a pediatric hematology/oncology floor soon. Can anyone give me any advice or tell me about their experiences working in this area? Also, should I get a pediatric littmann or a peds ultrascope? Thanks!
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  3. by   peds77
    Congrats on your new job..I've worked in peds for five years now and spent the last year in hem/'s not for everybody but I love it. The very best part are the kids and their families..these kids are soooo sick and I can't imagine for a second how their families must feel but they are by far the nicest, strongest most amazing children and parents I meet. I've done gen peds also and although some of these children are really sick too..its usually no comparison to my hem/oncers and yet the ones who have to edure horrific procedures and chemo are always the best behaved and polite children. In nursing i know we all usually feel underappreciated for the work we do..patients and families and doctors take us for granted ALL the time but this is not the case...parents of childrem with cancer are the most appreciative people I have ever met. Some parents hate us for taking a kids temp..while the things we have to do to hem/oncers can be awful they always say thank you very..what i'm saying is it's very sad don't get me wrong i've wept for children more times than I would like to remember but its can be very rewarding...I hope you enjoy it.....PS litman peds is fine...
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    thanks for your input!

    the floor i'll be working on isnt just hem/onc, it is also a gen peds floor for children btwn 3-12 yrs of age, so I'll be encountering different cases. thanks again, and any advice from anyone else would be great!
  5. by   PedsRN1991
    I work on a floor with all kids and Hem-onc. Just remember that those kids and families are going through the worst thing in their life. The families can sometimes be trying, but usually are wonderful. Have you taken APON? These hem-onc kids will also be in with non-existant WBC and PLT counts. Always keep that in mind when you have other pt's who are infectious.

    Good luck! Let us know how it is going.
  6. by   ICRN2008
    I will also be starting on a pediatric heme/onc unit in January. Any tips that you can give me as a new grad in this area would be helpful. TIA.