s/p tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy on 14 y/o

  1. We are almost 24 hrs post op with T&A, my daughter is 14 y/o, obese, hypertensive and anxious...what a mix huh?
    she has been prescribed oxycodone for pain taking 15cc q4hr with amoxicillin q8hr. The pain meds wear off around about the 3 hr mark, she can't cry because of the pain since she's not aloud to blow her nose, anxiety alert!!!
    I give her plenty of ice water to drink but she complains that she can't swallow, I offer her ice cream cups, popsicles, jello, yogurt...she takes about 2 - 3 bites and says she can't finish....she actually slept last night and I thought that would never happen, but she/we slept 6 hrs this morning from 3:30 to 9:30. So she was late taking her meds by 2 hrs. I gave it to her immediately and told her to drink some of her ice water....boy did she cry...I told her, "Don't cry, you can't blow your nose."

    Yesterday, she was 2nd to last in line for this T&A and they thought that there was a possibility of keeping her overnoc depending on her BP..
    She got out of surgery around 12:15, was in recovery until about 1:00 pm, they took her back to her room, her BP was slightly lower than normal at that time. Within 2 hrs post op, her BP started trending upwards at 180/103. It wasn't quite time for pain meds, we still had to wait about 45 minutes before she could get any. About an hour after her pain meds, she was down to 155/84. The nurse feared that if pain control was going to be an issue, maybe she should call the MD and request that she stay overnoc. About 5:30 pm, her BP was about 142/84, she wasn't due for pain meds again until about 7:30 pm, so I informed the nurse that by the time we get her dressed, loaded into the car and to the pharmacy, it would be about that time to take her meds.. So the nurse released her, but I'm afraid that we made a mistake, maybe we should have stayed the noc.

    In the meantime, I just bought her some clear gatorade to help rehydrate her and she's due for more meds at 1:30, that's in about an hour...

    We've had ice packs to the neck, she says that's not helping anymore...
    What else can I try? I'm really getting worried about her...
    she's sleeping now, I know she needs her rest, but when she's sleeping, she's not eating/drinking...

    since she's been home, her BP has been high during the painful times and closer to normal about 1 hr after taking oxycodone...

    If anyone has any suggestions, I sure would like some advice...
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  3. by   LovebugLPN
    Call her doctor for advice. Explain problem to him/her.
  4. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    the members here cannot give medical advice as it is against terms of service. Like the last poster said, you need to call the doctor if you are concerned.

  5. by   sirI
    Hello, kate,

    I feel for your sweet daughter. Please contact your daughter's physician and pose these concerns/questions to him/her. He/she is the only one who should be addressing these issues.

    We wish her well and hope she is all better very soon.