Proud to finally be a peds nurse!

  1. Hi! After 9 rewarding years as a LPN working in mainly hospitals as a float nurse I am proud to say I will be leaving the adult world of nursing and entering a smaller but bigger world for me in pediatrics!! I graduated with my BSN, took my boards for my RN, and was hired at Rainbow Babies in Cleveland. I am sooooo excited to finally get the pediatric job I've wanted since I was 3 years old (I had an eye surgery at Pittsburgh Children's when I was 3 and my nurse made such a difference when my parents had to leave to care for my brother that when they returned I announced I would "be a nurse and take care of kids") I will be on a surgery/trauma floor, the orientation sounds awesome.....I begin November 28th. Any advice as I transition from LPN to RN and adult to pediatrics?! I can't lie I'm a lil nervous bc this is my dream!
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  3. by   PediLove2147
    I don't really have any advice, just wanted to say
  4. by   nursenikki13
    Thank you so much!! I'm so excited-counting down days till I start!!!
  5. by   RDay4Peds
    Just want to say: Congrats! I too am about to graduate with my BSN (two weeks!) and then hopefully soon RN (as soon as I can sit) and will be starting in my dream job as a Float RN at a Children's Hospital. This is my second career, and I was inspired by my daughter as I was sending her off to college - telling her to follow her dreams. She said: "What about yours, Mom?" .. and 4 years later... Mine are about to come true too.

    There's nothing better... and congrats again!
  6. by   ~PedsRN~
    Congrats congrats!!!!! I graduate on the 16th, and I would love to land a new grad job in one of the local children's hospitals. But if it doesn't happen at first, hopefully I can get in there after some experience. I have had such a great time precepting there.
  7. by   justmeinlv
    Get a flu shot and practice good hand hygiene. I am also a new grad pediatric nurse and absolutely love my job.