Peds ER any different then ER

  1. I was wondering,is peds ER the same as regular ER,just smaller?Or are there certain things that are different.I can see different patients,different family members,d smaller equipment.What are some cases you have seen?
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  3. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Oh yes, peds ER is different! Primary diagnoses in peds are things like respiratory distress/failure, fever, dehydration, sepsis, fractures and rashes. You'd see the occasional drowning, non-accidental trauma or burns. Equipment is smaller - the biggest IV catheter you may be able to get on an infant is a 24G. Endotracheal tubes can be as small as 2.5mm, Foleys 6Fr, NGs 6 or 8Fr... that kind of thing. Defibrillator pads are also smaller, BP cuffs are smaller... and everything is weight-based.

    The psychosocial aspects can be quite involved. Custodial parents and visitation conditions might need to be identified, social services may already be involved, there may be multiple caregivers; I've had situations where there's such a wide array of significant others: mom and stepdad, dad and stepmother, one kiddo had 2 moms and a dad... Then there are the teenage mothers who are legally able to provide consent for their babies, but consent for their own care has to come from a parent. Some of the most difficult situations are with teens who have been assaulted (sexually or physically) and those who have attempted suicide. But what crushes most people are the unsuccessful resuscitations. Kids sometimes die in the ER. It takes a certain kind of courage to work in a peds ER.
  4. by   sergel02
    It seems from what others told me as different as peds generally is. So meaning some things are very different and some similar to adults.

    The psychosocial part is what's really different, from just talking to the kid to more legal things you have to consider.