Pediatrics Interview Questions - page 3

Thank you in advance for your help... this is a long post and I appreciate your HONEST and experienced answers. :) Okay here goes... I am graduating nursing school in May and have an interview... Read More

  1. by   love-nursing
    I am interviewing for my 1st nursing job Next week, they just called me today.

    Do you have any advice any likely question. I want to be better prepared
  2. by   2Nurture1
    Hi love-nursing, I just stumbled upon this post, I was wondering how your interview went and if you got the job. I also received a call from the local Children's Hospital this morning for an interview on Monday. I am so nervous to say the least. I don't know where to start with this interview process except the dress part, I'm a real fashionista so no problem there, but as far as the questions I'll be asked, my responses, etc. Also, I feel that I'm at a real disadvantage since didn't actually have a Peds rotation/clinical. So, how do I explain clinical experience, all I can say is I enjoy being in the company of kids, watching them grow and get well. If anyone has any ideas or tips please let me.....thanks in advance