1. To anyone who has NRP certification:
    1.How was your first NRP experience?
    2.How did you study/prepare for the megacode?
    3.What advice would you have for someone taking the megacode the first time?

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  3. by   umcRN
    You might find more answers for this in the NICU forum. When I took it I took it with my orientation group at work, we were all new grads and the code probably wasn't as intense as it could have been
  4. by   EricJRN
    There's not too much to sweat over. It's an easy class with one algorithm that is very straightforward.
  5. by   MKS8806
    To know how to react is to understand the algorithm and be able to react based on what's going on.
    It really isn't too bad. But you do need to study.