Neonatal Isolation (Protective Isolation) on the pediatric unit?

  1. Comrades in the general pediatric units:
    Do you use protective isolation (neonatal isolation= birth to 6 weeks) on your newborns? I am working on policy and procedure for this quite possibly antiquated policy. The majority of our Pediatrician are alright about dropping this policy. We do have one hold-out that insists that policy continues. I believe that if the neonate is high-risk, i.e. premature or septic that we should place in protective isolation, but otherwise the run of the mill bili-baby would benefit by universal precautions. What is your opinion?
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  3. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    We don't use protective isolation for ANY kid who isn't neutropenic or burnt over >15%. Our fresh transplants are out in the general population - meaning an open ICU. We admit from day 1 of life to 17 years. Our isolated patients are the ones who put others at risk.
  4. by   littleneoRN
    We don't use "newborn isolation" as you say, but we are fairly particular in the winter about newborns being in the NICU and preferably not in our PICU or floors, and vice versa, that kids with RSV or other clearly contagious elements NOT be in the NICU, even if they are newborn. So this is more isolation by unit. Definitely no specific isolation precautions.
  5. by   umcRN
    we too try to keep the newborn's off the floors, at least, if they start in the NICU they are always d/c home never to the floor first, however as of lately we seem to have no limit on who gets into the NICU...we have a FT 4 month old right now, from home, with RSV among other things, and she was originally a normal newborn with no health issues, 7kg...I think an appropriate PICU admit IMO but it seems to all depend on staffing and bed availability and we have the most beds and have often found ourselves with 4-6 month olds, ugh. At least we use private rooms and the strictest gown/glove/mask getup as possible