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Just had to write. My little sweetie passed away last night. I know he is better off but I will miss him so much. I've taken care of him since June of 2000. I guess I feel guilty in some way, I... Read More

  1. by   Justhere
    Had to do a little revisiting to this post, haven't viewed it since October of last year. Can't believe it has already been a year. I still dream of him often and it hurts at times when it seems like he is still here until I wake up and realize it is just a dream. Was hoping my little Grace could be born on September 27, we almost had it worked out until my doctor saw he was out of town that week. I still keep in contact with his family and they are suppose to come to the hospital when I have Grace.

    Love and miss you Salvador
  2. by   traumaRUs
    Congrats on new baby Grace.
  3. by   Deidre Shiobhan
    Penny you are great! That's wat nursing is all about the humanistic aspect, we just cant help getting attached to some of our patients. Just like the babies that I've nursed in my unit ( nicu ) I cant forget some of those even if they've gone for such a long time, still miss them very much.
  4. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Our unit just experienced the loss of a long-term, multiple-admission patient on Sunday, September 9. This little boy was an absolute darling and had been in the unit on this admission for 199 days. His care was complex, time-consuming and often frustrating; he suffered complication after complication, he arrested twice, and his death began weeks before his heart stopped. But he was such a personable little boy with a spirit that refused to give in. The relief we feel about his death is tempered by a deep sadness for the loss of such a special person. I worry for his parents, who lived only for him; I don't expect their marriage to survive this, and their mental health has been suffering for months or years already. It's so sad.

    Last night our chaplain came to the unit for a venting session. For more than a year, she has been doing a weekly session on Thursday afternoons she calls Reflections with Ruth, where staff can sit and talk about things that have happened, how they're feeling about them and find some comfort in a safe setting. Last month, when one of my patients was nearing death, Ruth and I had a chat about how unsupported a lot of the staff were feeling, because they work permanent nights and no one ever bothers to think about them. It hadn't occurred to her that there were so many who worked straight nights until I told her. Well here we are six weeks later and she's rearranged her Thursday schedule so she can do an afternoon and an evening session for us. It was especially meaningful that it all came together this week, when so many needed to let things go. I know I always feel better after I've talked to her, and last night was no exception.
  5. by   Justhere
    It's good to have someone you can talk with when things like this happen. I know it is especially hard on the family but is also hard on the nurses that take care of a patient for so long. When I first started working as a nurse in 1992 I had a patient that was admitted to the hospital in January and she left only brief enough so that she could turn around and be readmitted, we would shift her from inpatient to observation, back to inpatient status. She later passed away in September and it was so hard on all of us, many of the nurses attended her funeral that day. But we only had each other to talk with. It probably would have been good if we would have had a chaplain.

    Got to see Salvador's mom the other day and she got to meet Grace. She thought she was just precious. And she has a new Grand baby to spoil. I got to take care of him while he was in the nursery, that felt very good to me. I was just happy to see that he was ok, because of what Salvador had is passed along to the boys, mothers are just the carriers.