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  1. Help!! After living overseas for 15 years, I am now back in the US and certainly suffering from culture shock. I have just suffered the "last straw" from the local pediatrician's office, and want to look for a new office. Not to sound like the patient from h..., but:

    how can I go about "interviewing" a pediatrician (actually, I would prefer an NP)? Does that happen? I have asked friends for referrals, and the offices they mentioned are accepting new patients, but before I make the big effort of changing I want to get a feel for the office first.

    my son, who is entering pre-teenagerdom (he is 12), prefers that I not be in the room while he is undressing, and while the doctor is examining him. He is a confident person, and can ask his own questions, and has no problem with my coming into the room afterwards to discuss anything that needs discussing. We provide him with privacy at home, why is it such an issue at the doctor's office?

    Sorry to make this so long, but I have been extremely unimpressed with the care provided by my current office, and don't want to make the same mistake! Thanks
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  3. by   J Lynn
    If you are living in KY, try posting this in the KY forum. I live in LA, so I really can't help recommend a peds doc.
  4. by   Repat
    Thanks! I am not really looking for a recommendation, but more advice on how people find their doctors. Where I used to live has a very different philosophy about health care, and one I am much more comfortable with (less interventionist), and I really feel I need to be able to find a doctor who is interested in working with me. How do people find doctors? Do people interview them? How do you know what the practice philosophy is?
  5. by   J Lynn
    Oh, then maybe I can help.

    I never interviewed my pediatrican. I sort of stumbled on her by accident. You see, I was seeing which ever dr was available since my daughter was usually sick when I went. Then after seeing all the different docs in the office, I choose one and stuck with that one even after my second daughter was born. I always recommend her to new mothers who ask me. Sometimes to start, you have to ask around. If you don't feel comfortable (like if he/she rushes you, doesn't ask you if you have questions, seems uncaring, etc.) then you can ask for another dr next time. It's a trial and error kind of thing. But listen to your gut feeling.....drs don't always know everything about a patient....but you know your child.
    Good luck to you in your search.
  6. by   fotografe
    My pediatrician has "meet the docs/np's night" once per month fro prospective patients. I had heard about the practice through my ob. They explained the office procedures and practices. I love this office, as my ped told me, he is the advocate for the child first and the parent second. They do what ever it takes to care for my kids, including a lot of education for me. Each Pediatrician is paired with an NP, and we alternate seeing providers for well visits. A triage nurse takes sick calls, and gives info and schedules sick visits if necessary. They also have set "walk in" hours early in the am for those things that happend over night. As to why your current office would not accomodate your son's wishes to deal with him alone, that is surprising. THis practice has the child seeing the provider alone when they think they are mature enough. Then the parent is consulted after the initial exam. Ask these questions of the receptionist when you call. See what office policies and procedures are and see if they have what you want! Good luck.
  7. by   Repat
    Thank you, thank you! I was beginning to think that I was off the wall as far as what I am looking for - your practice sounds like what I am looking for here. I am reasonable, and informed, and I feel that I am treated at the moment as a number (and a dumb number, at that). I just hoped that I wasn't living in cloud cuckoo land hoping that there would be a practice that believs in collaborating with both my children and me. Thanks again!
  8. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Another tactic that is usually helpful is to ask nurses who they take their kids to. Especially peds nurses. They will know who is knowledgeable, skilled, compassionate and has people skills too. They will also be able to tell you who NOT to take your kids to. I work in a teaching hospital; it's easy to pick out the residents who will be good pediatricians. We're often the first ones on the doorstep when they hang out their shingles!