How 'bout Ped Dr's?

  1. I've been reading about the most difficult thing in ped nrsg. No one seemed to put down the pede dr's? In other specialties, the nurses are always complaining about working with the jerk dr's. Maybe they're better in peds? I am a student that is interested in nicu or peds. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Heather
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  3. by   Mattigan
    There are some jerks (they take the class in med school) but for the most part they are kinder, gentler and a heck of alot more fun and laid-back.

    I have noticed the same of Ped nurses but I may biased as I have been one for over 20 years.
  4. by   bergren
    My bad experiences with peds residents has been few and far between. I have not worked with a bad egg in many many years. I have found pediatricans rely on the nurse's assessment skills when they are not there as the child cannot eloquently express what is hurting or how they feel. Specialty doctors who are not pediatricians or residents who have little peds experience really rely on the peds nurses to keep them out of trouble.

    The worst experiences I have had is with residents who have no intention of going into pediatrics and are either scared to death or have no interest in it and are just trying to get through the month.

    I think doctors in general appreciate how hard we work and how valuable a good nurse is.
  5. by   kids
    Originally posted by Mattigan
    There are some jerks (they take the class in med school) but for the most part they are kinder, gentler and a heck of alot more fun and laid-back.
  6. by   CraftyLPN
    I work in HH, and the peds dr that I have to keep in contact w/ often is AWESOME!!!Wish my child had him for a doctor............
  7. by   karenelizabeth
    Met the odd onhe who didn't respect my judgment (or that of any nurse), but as the consultants do and we have a good relationship with them, if I have a problen I just go higher until I get the result I want I have proved on a teaching ward round I have a greater knowledge of my speciality than most in my speciality.

  8. by   RN2007
    Hi. I will be starting my ADN program to become an RN in the near future and am especially interested in working in Pediatrics. Many years ago, when I was in another field, I remember working in the nursery of the hospital sometimes when they were extremely short of staff, - as a tech or aide and took care of the babies that did not have any problems and I also got to see what the RNs and LPN nurses did. I really enjoyed Peds then, so am now thinking that I will love working as an RN in Pediatrics in a hospital after graduate and pass boards.

    However, I would appreciate it if some of you could give me a glimpse into what it is like to be a RN today in Peds dealing with the premies with health problems as well as the regular babies, families, etc. What is your normal shift like, in terms of things that you regularly do or that is expected of you. Thanks so much for this, it should help many of us newbie nurses learn a bit.
    Sincerely, April
  9. by   Dublin37
    Great question April, I wonder the same thing! Heather
  10. by   kidnurse57
    I've been a peds RN for 20 years. This unit is the best place to work in this hospital! We get to play with kids and their toys & meet lots of nice (some totally amazing) families. I guess I should mention that it's great 95% of the time. The other 5% is pure h***! IV starts can be impossible, codes are sphincter-tightening and lets not even talk about the child abuse cases. The docs here are great, though and really trust our judgement. I still love it after 20 years!
  11. by   IRISHBREAD
    you have to have a special personality, and lots of patience to work with kids. in the 30++++ years that i have been in peds if have met very few md's that are jerks and if you put them in their place they change their attitude. peds is the greatest place to work. it gives me the greatest joy but it can also break my heart. i wouldn't work anywhere else.
    even on the worst day a child or parent will so something or say something that makes it all worth while. actually now i am taking care of children whose parents went to school with my kids. they have gone back to my kids and told them about my care. it's great to hear how much they appreciate what you do.
  12. by   Dublin37
    Thanks irishbread and kidnurse, you are so encouraging. Sometimes I worry that once I "get there" I'll become an emotional mess and not be able to handle it!! I hope I am half the nurse you gals are. Heather