CPN vs. Board Certification

  1. As I was looking into certification options for pediatric nursing, I discovered that there a couple options, the Certified Pediatric Nurse and then board certification in pediatrics through the ANCC.

    Anyone have any input as to what the difference is/experience taking either exam/suggestions for which is a better option? Thanks!
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  3. by   GetBackToClassRN
    I am leaning toward the CPN just because it seems to be what most children's hospitals look for (from my experience).
  4. by   Pug RN
    I have my CPN. It has been very helpful for me.
  5. by   UC nurse
    I took a board certification exam through the ANCC. It was really easy. You could probably just take the exam without studying.
  6. by   llg
    It seems to me that most people take the CPN. The eligibility requirements are a little less and people qualify sooner in their careers. It also gets renewed yearly instead of every 5 years like the ANCC certification. So the yearly renewal cost seems easier to pay. Finally, the CPN exam has a No Pass/No Pay option that a lot of children's hospital sign up for -- allowing their nurses to repeat the exam for free if they fail the first time. So, I believe that if you look at the numbers, most peds nurses do the CPN and not the ANCC exam.