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I'm currently working in a pediatric hospital and am getting extremely sick of the hours. I am having difficulty finding non-hospital pediatric opportunities. Any ideas?


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Ever thought of pediatric private duty? That's my area and I love it. Otherwise, maybe peds clinic?

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pediatric LTC, home health, clinic, school nurse, rehab facility..


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How did you get in to private duty nursing? And what exactly does your day usually include/hours?

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What about a pediatric rehab facility? Most areas have them, just ask your hospital's case manager where patients go when they don't go home.

Pediatric home health

Pediatric clinic

pediatric same day surgery facility

Clinical instructor for nursing students in peds


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I have 2 in a Pediatric Long Term care facility. I LOVE it. I work 12's and have 3-8 kids.

My 2nd job is Pediatric home health . I work 3-11pm at one job and 10p-8am with the other kids (once a week).

I am moving across the country soon and hope to find similar work!


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quick question for you peds nurses.......... i'm struggling between peds and ER - yes I know they aren't mutually exclusive, but i want to be able to 1:travel, 2: have good opportunity anywhere , but i think my love may be peds.........but all in all i'd rather be able to pick my city than the other way around