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i took the nclex rn for the first time august 2006 in nevada ... status "failed

i scheduled another one april 2007 in nevada, but i had family emergency ... status " no show"

april 2009 i had the courage to take the exam again in california ... status "delivery successful"

i already received the letter from the CA BON that i failed, in fact i even took another exam

july 7 2009 ... status "delivery successful " ....

it is just weird for me to see 2 status that says "delivery successful" ... why is my april2009 status still "delivery successful"? it should be failed a long time ago ... that is just odd :confused:

and yes i tried the pearsonvue webtrick, i am sure now that i failed the july7 2009 exam also ... just waiting for the CA BON letter ... :crying2:


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Delivery successful just means that you took the test.

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