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Hi, I appeared my Nclex RN yesterday morning & I tried pvt in the ngt it was saying that "candidate has an open registration you cannot register at this time" & again I tried this morning & it says that results are on "hold". I got around 20 SATA & 2/3 case studies after 80th question & I ended up with 91questions. What should I expect?


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I personally wouldn't worry about the pop up. it will drive you CRAZY. i had two friends do the pop up and they got the bad pop up but they passed!!

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You're fine, you more than likely passed as long as you tried the PVT AFTER you got the email shortly after testing stating "now that you've completed your nclex, blah blah blah". Your results are on hold because the computer or staff flagged it because something happened that was not "normal". This could be that you finished your test faster than "normal", had trouble with getting your palm vein scan to scan correctly, or literally anything. Once they confirm that you were not cheating they will release your results to your BON (usually takes 24-48 hours 72 at the most). You can try the PVT periodically if you want. Once the hold is lifted, if you passed the pop-up should say something along the lines of "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam...." If you get that then you're golden. I had a similar situation where my test got flagged i'm guessing because I randomly clicked through the research questions at the end of my test. Tried the PVT periodically throughout the following day after I tested and that night around 2100 I got the good pop-up. Good Luck