Pearson vue trick july 2017


Just wanted to share my experience since I know i went through a lot of these feeds while waiting for NCLEX results or just figuring out the best way to approach the whole exam.

Graduated from nursing in Australia 2013. Was an RN there for two years before moving back to the USA. I took the exam for the 1st time February 2017 and failed in 265 questions. Tried the PVT and got the pop up that said my results were on hold, 2 weeks later i got a letter in the mail saying i did not pass. Used Hurst and nclex mastery app to study.

Second attempt April 2017 in 75 questions. Used UWORLD only and did not pass. I checked the PVT and straight away got the bad pop up, it took my $$.

3rd attempt, July 2017 took the NCLEX and PASSED in 89 questions. Checked the PVT same day as the exam and said my results were on hold. Two days later i got the GOOD pop up saying i cannot register as i've already scheduled an exam recently. I figured i was lacking in content and bought Saunders 7th edition. Studied 4-5 hours weekdays. It also has an online component that has pre and post test and lots of practice questions in every format you will see on the exam. HIGHLY recommend this book, it's the only thing i used the 3rd time around and PASSED.

So on my 3rd attempt, after getting to 89 questions, the screen went blue for a couple seconds and a screen popped up saying i was about to start 30 RESEARCH questions for FUTURE nclex exams. While doing these 30 questions my time was ticking down and i thought i wonder if it'll go back to my test after these questions. After the 30, another pop up saying to do post survey. Last pop up saying my test was finished. Totally thought I failed, felt like i knew nothing, tried my best. Got SATA, Multiple Choice, NO MATH, 3 put in order questions. PASSED!

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Wow thanks for the post! I just took my first attempt 2 days ago and didn't pass. I only used Kaplan review and their brown book. After the test, I failed after 75 questions. Yep, kinda embarrassing because it means I failed it hard. I realized that I forgot some content when I was doing the exam. It's as if I'm familiar with it but I was always down to two choices. I'm planning buy the Saunders and use it as my sole content book. I hope I pass it at second attempt!! Congrats on passing!!!


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I'm so sorry to hear that :( don't give up, you'll be a way better nurse next time around. Do you mind if i ask if the person vue trick gave you the good or bad pop up after stopping at 75 questions?

Specializes in Progressive Care, Sub-Acute, Hospice, Geriatrics. Has 5 years experience.

It gave me the bad pop up so I kinda knew that I failed. I cried and cried and after I got the actual results I kind of just accepted it. Pearson Vue does work but I don't recommend it because if you get the bad pop up you will have sleepless nights for 2 days until you receive the actual results.

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Hello everyone, I just wanted to share my experience with you all and hopefully it can help you pass the exam next time. I took the NCLEX-RN on August 4th for the 5th time and found out I passed today. I bought all kinds of study guides and review courses and still failed. The 5th time I took the exam, I watched some videos from a nurse named Sarah on YouTube whose channel is RegisteredNurseRN. She also has a free website with all of her videos, including notes and free practice quizzes. This is the link: Nursing Student Quizzes & Sample Tests | Free Quizzes for Nurses. So far, she has 118 videos on her website and Youtube channel. I watched as many as I could for more than 5 hours a day for almost 2 weeks, I completed her quizzes after each video, then I used the NCSBN learning extension review course to test my knowledge. I finished the exam with 265 questions. I did the PVT trick after 24 hours and got the "good pop up". I paid for my quick results and found out I passed. By the way, I have 6 children with the youngest being 7 months, so that made it even harder to study using written material. The videos made everything much easier because I was able to connect my headphone to my computer to block out any noise. This definitely helped me focus. I have been trying to pass this exam since 2012 and finally did it by the grace of God Almighty and Sarah. I believe you won't be disappointed because she is a great teacher. Also, it's free so you have nothing to lose.