Pearson Vue Registration Receipt?


Hi all,

I just registered on the pearson vue website and paid my $200 fee for the NCLEX-RN. After entering all my info and clicking"confirm" the website read....

This is the exact message from the Pearson VUE Website:

Thank You

We have received your order, but processing is not yet complete. Please DO NOT submit another order! If you submit another order request, your order will be delayed and you may be charged twice.

Pearson VUE will contact you within 72 hours to complete the processing of your order

I just want to make sure that I'm not the only one who received this message without an email right away. One of my friends registered on Thursday and she said she received her email right away....

Thanks in advance for any help..... ;) Parisa

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If you just created an account, it can take a little while for pearson vue to verify that you have a valid registration (they verify your name, social security, birthday, etc.) Then they can processes your registration.


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Give them a little time to complete the process, then call if you still have concerns.


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Thank you guys! I'm just being nervous.... :)


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I got this same pop up...i ended up trying to register again and long story short...just call them in 2 days. I called and spole directly to a customer service person and they helped me out. Hope this helps!