Pearson VUE losing application?


Has anyone ever had this happen? My school mailed all our applications and money orders together. All my classmates that I've contacted received their ATTs via email on Tuesday (applications were mailed by the school the previous week, so it was a quick). Pearson VUE has no record of me in their system, and have not received my money order (so it's not a question of ATT delivery by email v. snail mail, they don't even have a record of me in their system at all). When I called they were almost laughing at me, telling me to wait a few more weeks. Is it unreasonable to worry that they misplaced my application? It doesn't make sense to me that the two applications that were above/below me literally in the pile have been processed and not mine, and that every classmate I have asked received theirs on Tuesday. There are no new grad jobs in MA and I realized this week that I am ready to test this month, hoping that RN after my name will give me an advantage. I'm worried that they have lost my application and that I won't be able to schedule until it is resolved after waiting at least 4 weeks. I'm almost willing to pay the fee again just to get going. Has anyone heard of something like this happening? Did the application eventually come through? If I could find just one classmate that didn't get their ATT yet, I would feel so much better, but I haven't been able to find even one. Extra stress and worry is the last thing I need right now. ;)

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Do you know for a fact that your school did send your application in with the others? Have seen issues happen on the school side more than have seen it with Pearson-Vue.

I would check with your school again before doing anything with Pearson-Vue. And if they told you that you are going to need to wait, then it is in their ballpark and not really anything that you can do about it.

I definitely suspect that issues are with your school and not Pearson-Vue if everything for you is missing from the pile or envelope that they received.


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Thanks. I hope that something will appear in a few more days. The director of my program was involved in the mailing and will be back in the office next week so I will call her then. They previously told us they would send out all the applications in one batch, and I did receive a confirmation email from the school when that happened. I checked with PCS and I am all clear with the BON and they sent that info to Pearson early this week. So if it is lost, hopefully the school did a delivery confirmation. But hopefully it is not and I am worrying over nothing! Back to studying!

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